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Safety Products

If you want to protect your home, your office or any other space that is important we present our section to buy security products, that way both your assets and your family fondest will be protected from thieves.

In Bricolemar us much security matters and therefore only work with the best manufacturers in the market in order to guarantee our customers top quality products, either to protect residential doors, office complexes, storage, etc. here we have everything you need as well as advice from experts in the sector.

What should I know if I want to increase the security of my home or office?

There are different escalations when we talk about protection, depending on the exposure of the element to be protected and the value of what is inside can decide between low, medium or high range.

For example if we talk about the door of our home consider it very important to select article upper-middle to high-end, however if within the home or office we have a room that we add an element of safety for people not between and we know that exposure is very limited and that value what this inside is not much we can select a product midrange or low, that way we will have a simple protection at a low price. Everything will depend on the user's needs.

In our online shop we sell safety items both retail and wholesale, so if you're a locksmith or company safety items need not hesitate to ask for a budget as we will be happy to assist you . And if you do not get an article on our website and specifically know the model then you need not hesitate to contact us and we accept orders on request.