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If you want to protect your home, your office or any other space that is important we present our section to buy security products, that way both your assets and your family fondest will be protected from thieves.

In Bricolemar us much security matters and therefore only work with the best manufacturers in the market in order to guarantee our customers top quality products, either to protect residential doors, office complexes, storage, etc. here we have everything you need as well as advice from experts in the sector.

What should I know if I want to increase the security of my home or office?

There are different escalations when we talk about protection, depending on the exposure of the element to be protected and the value of what is inside can decide between low, medium or high range.

For example if we talk about the door of our home consider it very important to select article upper-middle to high-end, however if within the home or office we have a room that we add an element of safety for people not between and we know that exposure is very limited and that value what this inside is not much we can select a product midrange or low, that way we will have a simple protection at a low price. Everything will depend on the user's needs.

In our online shop we sell safety items both retail and wholesale, so if you're a locksmith or company safety items need not hesitate to ask for a budget as we will be happy to assist you . And if you do not get an article on our website and specifically know the model then you need not hesitate to contact us and we accept orders on request.

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  • Padlocks

    Security locks

    Locks are mechanisms of economic security, effective and easy to install. Normally they used as if they were a laptop lock, if we have a door that does not allow install a lock can put a chain on the door and lock it with the lock. In addition to being used in doors we can place them in toolboxes, gates, backpacks, etc. The important thing is where we will place must be room to introduce the arc lock and then lock it.

    The locks can be of different types and qualities, depending on the area or that we will protect can select from different options. A normal lock operates with a key serreta which to turn it allows the opening of the same, however a security lock operates with a key point to hinder the opening, besides that your body is usually constructed of steel somewhat tempered as cementation and his bow is protected against shear.

    The decision on the type of lock to buy will depend on various factors such as the following:

    • Required level of safety: If we want a lock for our box of homemade tools can opt for a simple padlock, as the price of the lock will be lower and will fulfill its role, however if we are to close the gate of a company should think about buying security locks.
    • Exposure: A padlock exposed outdoors must have anti-oxidant properties to prevent rapid deterioration thereof, and if it will be used in coastal areas must have properties that protect it from the effects of salt on it. It is also worth mentioning that a lock this to everyone must be reinforced so that not just anyone can break.
    • Frame size and diameter: We must ensure that the arc can pass through the area to be protected, so it is important to know the diameter thereof as well as its length (there padlocks normal bow and longbow)

    If you were looking to buy online padlocks here will surely find the one that best suits your need, we combination, long and short arc, for motorcycles and bicycles, high security locks, etc. And when we talk about brands we have the best, ABUS, AMIG, FAC, etc.

    The prices quoted on our website are retail prices, if you need to buy padlocks wholesale contact us to prepare a budget.

  • Safes

    Electronic safes, recessed and superimpose

    In many homes, hotels, companies, associations, etc. you need to have a safe or safety box suitable for storing precious objects and valuable documents. There are many needs and there are many options here find to solve them.

    Here Hayara a variety of sizes and security levels, with different opening systems and placement in addition we offer the best brands at the best prices.

    • Safe to superimpose, or desktop, it is the easiest way to have a safe in your own home. It is anchored to the wall and to the floor by bolts.
    • The built -in safe hinders access to inside to be protected from all sides, except the door, the wall where it is housed. Work required for installation.

    In either cases, are available with opening by key or mechanical key or electronic combination, there is also an electronic safe with emergency key to open the box even with dead batteries, or fireproof safe for protection, fire protection, paper documents or magnetic or optical media and other valuables.

    When buying safes must meet the "limiting factors" if any, for placement and the principal of these it is the resistance of the floor where it will be located safe. Sometimes the maximum permissible load of these limits and even precludes the use of certain safes with a lot of weight.

    Although there is no regulation governing the "professional use" safe, wide range of models you will find in this section will surely meet your specific needs in many cases.

  • Key Blanks

    Key blanks

    The key to the house, the mailbox, the garage, lock the box office of the gym, car, these keys and some more with us every day and make our daily tasks safer.

    There are many types of keys with which we can find in the market, since the keys for cylinder locks and keys are flat teeth or serreta and security points or us; keys to locks mortise or double pallet; keys for locks cross; magnetic locks keys for garages; up keys vehicle locks, cabinets counters, elevators, etc.

    The most common material they are made of the key blanks is steel, but also can find in alpaca, brass, zamak, plastic or aluminum, the latter ideal for its low weight when one is loaded with a large bunch, also they can go in different colors to differentiate each of the keys.

    The key blanks that you will find in this section are top quality produced under the highest standards and requirements of the leading manufacturers of locks on the market. They are intended primarily for professionals locksmiths have the necessary keys for duplication of machinery. Therefore, if you do not find a specific model, consult the possibility of obtaining it on request.

    Special mention some keys that need the property card to be played, for example the keys to the cylinder TK100. In this case, we have a service copy cylinder wrench TK100 and other cylinder models, for this we need to provide us with a (digital or physical) copy of property card. With this copy can contact directly to the factory and get as many copies of key need.

  • Latches

    Security locks

    The door locks are essential to increase significantly the safety of our homes, storage or instruments business. Normally the doors are protected first by the cylinders or bowlers and is the first to attack the thieves when trying to violate a home, so it is convenient to be very good performance, but also put a lock on our door we are doubling the security of it.

    Why should I buy a deadbolt?

    1. It increases the safety of the place where we install
    2. The investment is low as it can be installed on almost any door.
    3. A professional can install in minutes.
    4. It is invisible to thieves (installed inside so I could not be seen from outside), key models only show on the outside part to insert the key.

    What should I consider when buying a lock for door?

    • Door Material: Typically the bolts are installed on wooden doors, should be of another material must ensure that the screws can perforate the material (eg metal doors)
    • Bombín size should be locked: If the deadbolt to the door leading bowler we have to know the depth for installation is accurate and there is not much out or fall short when installing.
    • Modifications to the door: When installing a deadbolt the door where it will be installed will be modified should open holes for the screws and wear bowler if a hole is made in the same so that it can be installed.
    • Knowing the opening direction: There are locks that have no hand that is can be installed on doors opening to the right or to the left, however there are specific models that can only be installed to one side, we must check this first before performing the purchase.

    There are different types of high security locks, from which function as a simple pin that work for or key operated control mechanism. In Bricolemar you'll get the best prices on locks, and if you need to buy large wholesale quantities feel free to ask a budget. We serve directly ironwork and locksmiths, and many are your first choice for the speed and price we offer to professionals.

  • Safes


    If within our security section are looking for a quick and economical solution to organize and protect your money or belongings without doubt a great option is to buy a safe or also known as caudalitas.

    There are several sizes and colors in our online store so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

    Besides being an excellent buy for adults as it gives us an extra level of security, safes are an excellent gift for children because it helps little kids from an early age to learn the value of saving and store your belongings, and so we offer in our catalog colors for both boys and girls.

    What is important to know when buying a safe?

    • Size: Depending on what you want to save need more or less space.
    • Security level: You have to know that caudalitas have a key to be opened and their security is simple but serves its purpose, however if you need to save valuable objects there are other more robust solutions.
    • Color: It is personal taste, we in blue, black, red, white, green, pink etc.

    Cash flow to buy online at the best price without doubt we are your best option, in addition not only serve retail, wholesale also cater for large purchases. If you need a large number of caudalitas not hesitate to ask for a budget that we will send as short as possible.

    Do not miss this excellent opportunity and buy your safe in Bricolemar either for use at home or for use at work is a simple but efficient option to add a touch of order and security in our daily lives.

  • Locks

    Safety locks

    To increase security on doors, cabinets, drawers or similar locks will always be one of the first and best choices. To operate the mechanism locks normally a bowler hat and a key is used, with which we can lock or unlock the door or where it is installed.

    Keep in mind that the security offered by safety locks depends largely on the quality of the bowler or cylinder of the same, now with new theft techniques such as bumping burglars can open a lock with relative ease if not we take care of this aspect. In Bricolemar we recommend that if you are installing the lock in a home always opt for bowlers with maximum safety features.

    While buying safety locks we have to know whether it will be overcome, Mortise, thickness which will be installed, etc. It is recommended that if you have no prior knowledge of how to install a lock contacted with a professional since the door can be modified so you can fit it in the door or where you will perform the installation.

    Buy locks online security has never been easier. We have a team of experts to advise in case of doubt with a lock, besides that are authorized distributors of such important companies as FAC or TESA so buy in the online store door locks Bricolemar guarantees reliability and best price distributors .

    Needless to add we invite you to visit this section, you will find everything you need. We serve demand both retail and wholesale, if you need a lot of locks ask us a budget, looking to see if safety locks low prices, ours are unbeatable.

  • Closers

    The greater variety and better closers in this section!

  • Bowlers Security Cylinders

    Bowlers and security cylinders

    Cylinders or bowlers for doors are security mechanisms that allow us to limit access to people to certain areas, placing a cylinder in a door allows us lockable and anyone else can access also need to have a key.

    The cylinder words bombín door or door are synonymous, and along our pages use both terms mean the same thing yet.

    What should I know when buying a cylinder or security bowler?

    • Color or finish: Normally you get bowlers in 2 finishes or colors, brass-plated (golden color) or nickel (colo silver), finishing no influence on the security level, is rather used for aesthetic purposes, if our door is wood Color brazing combine very well, but if we have a metal door nickel plating will be perfect.
    • Cylinder size: Not all doors and locks are the same, so we can find different sizes of bowlers for example 30x30. Now we ask, what does 30x30 ?, the measures are represented in millimeters, 30x30 means that total size of the security cylinder is 60mm and the cam (mechanism that rotates when passing the key) is in the middle the bowler (30mm - cam - 30 mm). If we indicate that the measures are 30x40 that means that the total length is 70 mm profile cylinder (30 mm - cam - 40 mm) How to measure a bowler hat door?
    • Cam bombin: The cams can be of 2 types, long (15 mm) and short (12-13mm), which cam should I choose? Typically the metal doors have short cam while the wooden doors operate with cam 15mm long. The cam is the mechanism that moves when turning the key. How to measure the cam of a bowler hat?
    • Security level: If we want to protect a site of the most common methods of opening a bowler hat (drilling, ganzuado, bumping, extraction, etc) must install a high security cylinder, usually have a higher price because the benefits you are much greater than those of an ordinary cylinder. Commonly bowlers have high security keys points and card property to prevent copies of the key by strangers in addition to protection against opening methods used by thieves. For an internal door inside a house we can use normal bowlers as they comply perfectly with its function of providing a medium level of protection. (There are also bowlers for armored doors)

    If bowlers or cylinders need to buy wholesale in large quantities ask us a budget. Besides that perform igualamientos and master key, just contact us and tell us what you need.

  • Panic Devices

    Closures, bars and drives for panic devices

  • Controls Garage

    Controls universal garage

    In our section garage door opener, also conventionally known as remote controls or remote controls you can get the ideal products to open and close the garage door.

    Most of our products meet the mark JMA , a leader in the manufacture of these electronic devices for remote door control company. You will find from the command universal garage p ara copy with duplicator machine or controls similar CTM700, to control garage door that does not require the use of special machines because its programming is manual, placing the micro switches in the same position as the original remote.

    But let a few steps further i ncorporado remote controls able to copy by confrontation automatically frequency and code as the M-SP1, or the SR-4V and SR-48 also c Opian by confrontation fixed and EVOLUTIVOS codes in one command, with 2 different in any of the 4 buttons and scanner system for busy receiving frequencies.

    Finally, we also have the ST Q Quarz 30,035, which incorporates the latest technology in the copy of remote controls for opening garage doors, high capacity backup for both fixed code and rolling code and for all frequencies used in different markets. Copy controls quartz and offline PC.

    Prices remote controls are presented for purchase retail sales in this garage door opener, so if you are looking to buy control to bigger, better call us to our phones to submit a budget that suits your needs.

    When buying garage door opener you can not pass this section to find the model that best suits your needs with the guarantee JMA and the best price.

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