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Come and experience we are your best choice to buy products online hardware store, we work directly with manufacturers to offer the best prices and the widest range you can get on the web, and continually incorporate the latest market to our online catalog.

There are a variety of hardware stores but Bricolemar is more than a hardware store and we send our products to Europe and can meet the demands of professionals, we also offer advice and information about the items we sell as technical characteristics, measurements, photos, etc.

What are the advantages of buying from an online industrial hardware?

  • We have availability of large amounts of stock in our warehouse for shipping quickly.
  • You can get a huge variety of hardware products that few or no store can offer in one place.
  • If you are industry professional grant special prices for volume.
  • We ship to anywhere in Europe.
  • You can make your purchase and search any of our stores should be close.
  • We work without intermediaries to provide the best price.

Among the various industrial supplies Bricolemar online hardware store offers a superb attention to their customers, besides selling to the general public we attend the demand for locksmiths, renovation companies and many more. Besides that being in direct contact with product manufacturers we can work on custom orders so if you do not get any product on our website surely we can get it for you.

We invite you now to enjoy all that our online offers industrial hardware, you will find articles locksmith, hardware, accessories and products for sales, doors and furniture, stairs and many but much more. If you need to buy wholesale ask us a budget to assist you as quickly as possible.

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  • Furniture

    Accessories and items for furniture

    Whether to repair, reinforce or upgrade your kitchen cabinets, bathroom, bedroom, living room or any corner of your home, and also for your DIY jobs in creating new furniture, here we offer a selection of accessories for furniture and parts that make your furniture again have full functionality or have the perfect finish you always wanted.

    • Hangers and hooks: tongue - shaped, windy, magnet, hook, clamp; plastic, wood or metal; adhesives or nails to fix, in different colors and sizes ... will help you hang paintings, photographs, decorative items, kitchenware, bath accessories, clothing and etc.
    • Shelf shelves: Indispensable to organize, sort and store different objects and so have all your stuff by hand.
    • Angles, plates, guides, profiles and brackets: not only allow you to sustain and strengthen the different elements of the furniture, but also be leveled and adjusted, as well as a flawless finish.
    • Hinges and hinges: to restore full functionality to the doors of your kitchen cabinets, closets, cabinets or other furniture. Different possibilities for different models and needs.
    • Knobs and handles: ... and handles and handles for drawers, lids and doors of your furniture. In addition to fulfilling its function will be an essential element in your projects ornamental decoration.
    • Furniture legs and wheels: When you see fit your furniture have some lift or have a certain mobility, here we offer several solutions for your chairs, tables, shower doors ...
    • Legs for mattress: In addition to the classic feet or bases mattress bed, you will also find fittings for modern folding couches.
    • Rustic fittings: Everything you need to give your furniture Castilian type that rustic yet elegant touch.
    • And many more furniture items as protectors, sliders, brackets, etc.

    If you are looking to buy furniture accessories, this is your space.

  • Tornilleria

    In our section you will find screws bolts, screws, dichromate, screw thread sheet, drill tip, hexagonal, nuts, washers, lock nut, blind, threaded rods and more.

  • Nails, Fasteners

    Everything you need to nail and fix, tacks, grampillones, anchors, plugs, all about fixing.

  • Doors

    Door Accessories

    Our doors define much of our home, are the elements of access or passage to our fields. The doors have double features that sometimes contradict and invite you to enter or prevent access; outside isolate us or communicate us with our neighbors. The "Welcome" doormat is in brackets to pass the test of the peephole. So yes, go to this section.

    Here you will find the accessories for doors, both access and indoor or garage that will make your home safer, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

    Among other things you will find:

    • Numbers and letters to identify your home within a street, building or floor staircase.
    • Conventional peepholes and electronic to recognize callers at their doors and take appropriate precautions peepholes.
    • Hinges and pins to replace or reinforce the grip and swing doors with all the guarantees,   with end without end, of rounded or straight.
    • Knobs, handles and cremonas to facilitate opening and closing its doors with elegance and minimal effort. In different models, materials and colors, both for wooden doors and aluminum or other.
    • Weatherstripping for doors to keep out cold or heat escaping, and also reduce noise that come to us from the street and a cushioned closing. Certainly a key element isolation favor and this will translate into convenience and savings.
    • And much more, as stops, wedges and retaining doors to protect them from slamming doors or keep them in the position you want, or plates pisa-doors to push the door with his feet if we have your hands full, etc.

    When buying accessories for doors here you will find items at unbeatable prices and unparalleled quality.

  • Security

    Safety Products

    If you want to protect your home, your office or any other space that is important we present our section to buy security products, that way both your assets and your family fondest will be protected from thieves.

    In Bricolemar us much security matters and therefore only work with the best manufacturers in the market in order to guarantee our customers top quality products, either to protect residential doors, office complexes, storage, etc. here we have everything you need as well as advice from experts in the sector.

    What should I know if I want to increase the security of my home or office?

    There are different escalations when we talk about protection, depending on the exposure of the element to be protected and the value of what is inside can decide between low, medium or high range.

    For example if we talk about the door of our home consider it very important to select article upper-middle to high-end, however if within the home or office we have a room that we add an element of safety for people not between and we know that exposure is very limited and that value what this inside is not much we can select a product midrange or low, that way we will have a simple protection at a low price. Everything will depend on the user's needs.

    In our online shop we sell safety items both retail and wholesale, so if you're a locksmith or company safety items need not hesitate to ask for a budget as we will be happy to assist you . And if you do not get an article on our website and specifically know the model then you need not hesitate to contact us and we accept orders on request.

  • Other Accessories

    Other accessories

    Material wheels of different models, labor, masonry, impinchables wheels, solid, pneumatic, for storage, etc.

  • Stairs

    Aluminum folding stairs

    In this section you can get both aluminum ladders and other types of stairs, sure here you will find the perfect ladder for you! Since we have a great online range for different types of use either for both home and for professionals.

    The advantage of folding aluminum ladders is that when storing little space thanks to its ability to spread, and offer the perfect combination of stability and weight.

    What to know when buying aluminum ladders?

    • The number of steps of the same, since the higher number of steps can achieve greater height.
    • It is important to know the maximum weight to prevent warping and possible accidents at the time of use.
    • Type of use: Different types of stairs from home that are perfect for a home and easy to use to save, such as folding stairs, to the industrial ladders that are used in building and construction and thanks to its greater number of sections us allow to reach great heights.
    • Check the ladder possesses anti slip studs for greater stability.
    • Check the rules of the same IN-131, because when the size of the steps and the distance between them meets the safety standards are met.

    How to use the stairs aluminum folding correctly?

    • fully deploy when using it and check that the security elements are tight.
    • Seat it on solid ground without steep slopes, to avoid slippage or breakage due to misuse.
    • Use proper footwear and check not exceed the weight limits supported by the ladder.

    If you are looking for aluminum ladders affordable prices we are the number one market, as we work directly with leading manufacturers in Europe, and we can serve both retail and large wholesale quantities.

  • Windows

    Accessories for windows

    The windows of our homes are essential architectural elements to provide natural light and ventilation to our rooms. Windows accessories found in this section, or more specifically the elements accessories and devices that accompany the windows, will help regulate the light, ventilation and temperature that comes through them.

    Blinds, curtains and weatherstripping are those elements that make our windows are fully functional yet elegant and warm.

    • Accessories for blinds will help you repair mechanisms that wear both suffer, because with the passage of time and the use we make of them going up and down our shutters produce tears or are dumpy. Rupture of a mechanism does not mean changing all the blind, to replace we have different accessories: belts for blinds, bodkins and rollers, pickers tape (both mortise and rim), stops blind, discs or pulleys, pin disc or axle brackets.
    • The curtain accessories will help you "dress" in a proper and effective way your windows. Once you've chosen the best option curtain, here are the best option to hang. Whether with the classic bar or rails, alone or accompanied by net curtains, you will find the perfect solution for your curtains to which you can accompany with perfect shots or easy to install brackets.
    • Weather stripping for windows are a simple and inexpensive solution to keep out cold or exhaust color and reduce noises that come to us from the street. With them you can maximize both the performance of heating in winter, and air conditioning in summer. They are certainly an element that will enhance insulation and this will translate into convenience and savings.
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Showing 1 - 30 of 3181 items