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Only true fans of the online hardware store enter this section, you will have everything in hardware articles and hardware products and as always the best price.

If you have been looking for an industrial hardware store in Madrid that can fill any point of the peninsula in record time Bricolemar is your best choice! We are a hardware store close to our customers who seek siempres offer the best place to buy hardware online.

A difference of traditional hardware stores in Madrid, we have the capacity both retail sales and the higher, so in industrial hardware stores you can get your industrial hardware Bricolemar is number one in Madrid.

You have to follow no longer looking for online hardware stores in Pinto, you came to the best place online to buy items and tools, we invite you to visit this section as well as many others have, if you have any questions we will be happy to help you !

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  • Key Blanks

    Buy Raw Keys - Keys JMA

    Wide selection of all kinds of key blanks: serreta keys, security, mortise, for vehicles, magnetic key ...; brass, aluminum, nickel silver ...

    If you've been looking to buy key blanks no longer have to look any further, you came to Bricolemar , the best place to buy keys JMA .

    Our prices are retail, if you need to buy a lot of keys do not hesitate to contact us, our price will surprise you!

  • Furniture And Decoration Accessories

    Parts and accessories for your furniture, from feet to somiers up drawer runners.

  • Tornilleria

    In our section you will find screws bolts, screws, dichromate, screw thread sheet, drill tip, hexagonal, nuts, washers, lock nut, blind, threaded rods and more.

  • Nails, Fasteners

    Everything you need to nail and fix, tacks, grampillones, anchors, plugs, all about fixing.

  • Cylinders, Locks, Bolts And Padlocks

    Cylinders and locks for peace of mind, safe, durable, double-clutch, europrofile, half cylinder, with key points, here we have everything!

  • Safes And Caudalitas

    Here you will find all types safes and best brands, recessed, fac, large, small, non-flammable, caudalitas, etc.

  • Material Wheels

    Material wheels of different models, labor, masonry, impinchables wheels, solid, pneumatic, for storage, etc.

  • Stairs And Stools

    To get to the top Use the stairs and stools Bricolemar, you will find wood, aluminum, cooking, folding, home, interior, telescopic ...

  • Chains, Ropes, Cables And Moorings

    All in chains, ropes, cables, wires, find plasticized, galvanized polystyrene polypropylene, resistant also have accessories, hooks, snap hooks, shackles, clips, turnbuckles, all!

  • Weatherstripping

    Weatherstripping Buy Online

    In Bricolemar we bring the best weather stripping to leave the cold outside and keep our clean and air - conditioned spaces.

    Weatherstripping to optimize the power consumption of components for air conditioning as it helps to prevent access by air currents affect the climate of a house, apartment or office.

    Buy online weatherstrip Bricolemar is your best choice, we serve 24 hours to any point of the Peninsula, we sell both retail and wholesale, if you need a lot of weatherstripping not hesitate to ask for a price quote!

  • Blinds And Curtains

    Everything you need for blinds, dustpans, pulleys, belts, boxes, brackets, rodilos, bumpers and portavisillos and rails

  • Mailboxes

    Mailboxes and mailbox locks of the best brands in Bricolemar.

  • Hinges, Knobs And Handles

    Everything for doors, hinges, knobs, handles, retainers and accessories in this section.

  • Telemandos

    Remote controls, the ideal time to buy more economic control section.

    In our selling garage door opener, also conventionally known as remote controls, you can get the ideal products to open and close doors remotely.

    All our products meet the mark JMA controls. This company JMA is a leading manufacturer of these electronic devices to control doors at distances company. And of all these products, sure you will find the remote control you need !.

    Remote controls JMA , also known as JMA controls the can easily get by simply clicking on the link the command you want to buy and then click "Add to Cart" and in a few clicks and have bought his new command to distacia. And all from the comfort of your computer!

    Various types of remote controls, remote control and transmission frequencies can be found in the sale of garage door opener in this section. And with our increased focus on garage doors.

    Prices for the remote controls are presented for purchase retail sales in this garage door opener, so if you are looking to buy control the bigger, better call us to our phones to submit a budget that suits your needs.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 2969 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 2969 items