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Security locks

The door locks are essential to increase significantly the safety of our homes, storage or instruments business. Normally the doors are protected first by the cylinders or bowlers and is the first to attack the thieves when trying to violate a home, so it is convenient to be very good performance, but also put a lock on our door we are doubling the security of it.

Why should I buy a deadbolt?

  1. It increases the safety of the place where we install
  2. The investment is low as it can be installed on almost any door.
  3. A professional can install in minutes.
  4. It is invisible to thieves (installed inside so I could not be seen from outside), key models only show on the outside part to insert the key.

What should I consider when buying a lock for door?

  • Door Material: Typically the bolts are installed on wooden doors, should be of another material must ensure that the screws can perforate the material (eg metal doors)
  • Bombín size should be locked: If the deadbolt to the door leading bowler we have to know the depth for installation is accurate and there is not much out or fall short when installing.
  • Modifications to the door: When installing a deadbolt the door where it will be installed will be modified should open holes for the screws and wear bowler if a hole is made in the same so that it can be installed.
  • Knowing the opening direction: There are locks that have no hand that is can be installed on doors opening to the right or to the left, however there are specific models that can only be installed to one side, we must check this first before performing the purchase.

There are different types of high security locks, from which function as a simple pin that work for or key operated control mechanism. In Bricolemar you'll get the best prices on locks, and if you need to buy large wholesale quantities feel free to ask a budget. We serve directly ironwork and locksmiths, and many are your first choice for the speed and price we offer to professionals.