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buy plugs fischer The plugs Fischer are a major reference level when choosing fixings for different materials, both solid supports as for hollow spaces. The wide range of models and sizes, the quality of the materials they are made and that offer ingenious solutions for solving fixing problems make us essential to have a taco Fischer DIY in our work and reform.

What taco Fischer choose according to the work to be done?

ficher studs prices When buying a cleat Fischer, Bricolemar offers a variety of models and sizes, both nylon plugs and plugs metal roll. Let's see what main features have each of them.

  • Wad Fischer S is ideal for nylon thread screws wood and chipboard thread between O2 and O16 mm mm. Anti-rotation fin to prevent rotation within the bore.
  • Wad Fischer UX is a universal nylon plug. Expansion pressure in solid building materials and secure knot formation in hollow materials.
  • Wad Fischer SX nylon thread screws is indicated for wood and chipboard thread between O2 and O12 mm mm. The broad flange prevents the plug to leak through the hole.
  • Wad Fischer Duopower comprises two materials which give it greater load values and intelligent operation (expansion, bending, dye) depending on the anchoring base. Suitable for wood and chipboard screws screw thread.
  • Wad Fischer with nail NS is a connector impact for simple, rapid and economical installation.
  • Taco Fischer Duotec is Wad rollover nylon easy installation for heavy loads in plasterboard
  • Self - expanding metal plugs for fixing roll is hollow spaces. They expand into any cavity by the spring force.

As you can see, there is always a cleat Fischer for all materials: either to set concrete, brick, plaster, plywood, plasterboard ... and also a variety of measures and solutions.