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Paelleros gas

The paelleros butane gas stoves are one or more circles that allow applying heat to cook in a homogeneous manner to the pan. The number of circles depend on the size of it, you will find paelleros gas ranging from 20cm to 70cm in diameter, we work with the prestigious Spanish brand Garcima

Paellero size to buy gas should be less than the paella pan for better cooking paella, and for proper use must purchase the following accessories:

  • Butane regulator.
  • Hose clamps butane gas.
  • Support for paellero.

Not to acquire each separate accessories offer customers a kit for paelleros which includes all the elements mentioned previously in a practical set.

Tips when using butane gas paelleros

  1. Using butane or propane regulators and comply with appropriate regulations.
  2. Gas hoses have an expiration date, should not be used if they are overdue to prevent leakage.
  3. Do not move the gas burner for paella if it is being used to avoid accidents.
  4. The pan must be larger in size to paellero gas, but only a little.
  5. Take the necessary precautions with gas cylinders and not let the little kids come to it.

The best companion for paellero burner are the kettles, and we have various kinds, both kettles polished and enameled kettles, if you want more information about each of them have an article about the differences between PAELLERAS vitrified or enameled and polished in our blog DIY.

Besides paelleros butane gas also contains gas paelleros boards, these including an iron cooking as well as the structure that supports.

What is the difference between paelleros models Garcima?

The main difference between the model is the diameter and number of hoops paellas burner.

  • Model 200 or mod.200 is 20 cm - one ring.
  • Model 300 or mod.300 is 30 cm - one ring.
  • Model 350 or mod.350 is 35 cm - 2 rings.
  • Model 400 or mod.400 is 40 cm - 2 rings.
  • Model 500 or mod.500 is 50 cm - 2 rings.
  • Model 600 or mod.600 is 60 cm - 3 rings.
  • Model 700 or mod.700 is 70 cm - 3 rings.

Always remember to follow the instructions for a perfect meal and to avoid any kind of mishap with gas, when buying paelleros sure they are approved in Bricolemar work paelleros Garcima which have all necessary approvals. If you have any questions please contact us, we also sell wholesale online.