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buy air compressor Air compressors are devices that use mechanical energy for conversion into air, compressing the air through a pressure increase then transfer it to another tool through a hose.

Compressors are used in a wide variety of applications, whether in the home, garden, garage and numerous facilities. With an air compressor not only be inflating tires, balloons or balls, but are also useful for cleaning, the application of paints, or for assembly work. Other industrial uses are more of the cooling systems, to generate electricity, in the manufacture of aircraft engines such as turbojet, among many other uses.

What air compressor to buy?

air compressor price When buying air compressors must consider 3 aspects mainly:

  • Air pressure offered, is expressed as PSI, BAR, etc.
  • The amount of air can be compressed (or volume flow) is designated as CFM, PCM, l / min, om 3 / min.
  • The power of the device is expressed in HP, HP or KW.

Different combinations of these three technical characteristics give us an idea of ​​the use to which it is intended the air compressor. A small compressor may have limited benefits, but instead are easy to transport. Usually a compressor for cheap air suitable for applications requiring low pressure and occasional use, generally to the field of home and garage with tasks such as painting and varnishing, cleaning, stapled or inflating tires, balls, mattresses, toys, etc. .

Air compressors focused professional require more power, air pressure and volume as they are used in all kinds of workshops, offices, and even in both the shipbuilding industry. This type of industrial air compressors perform tasks such as painting, cleaning, crushing rock, pouring cement, drilling, planing, nailing and riveting, etc.

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