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Bowlers and security cylinders

Cylinders or bowlers for doors are security mechanisms that allow us to limit access to people to certain areas, placing a cylinder in a door allows us lockable and anyone else can access also need to have a key.

The cylinder words bombín door or door are synonymous, and along our pages use both terms mean the same thing yet.

What should I know when buying a cylinder or security bowler?

  • Color or finish: Normally you get bowlers in 2 finishes or colors, brass-plated (golden color) or nickel (colo silver), finishing no influence on the security level, is rather used for aesthetic purposes, if our door is wood Color brazing combine very well, but if we have a metal door nickel plating will be perfect.
  • Cylinder size: Not all doors and locks are the same, so we can find different sizes of bowlers for example 30x30. Now we ask, what does 30x30 ?, the measures are represented in millimeters, 30x30 means that total size of the security cylinder is 60mm and the cam (mechanism that rotates when passing the key) is in the middle the bowler (30mm - cam - 30 mm). If we indicate that the measures are 30x40 that means that the total length is 70 mm profile cylinder (30 mm - cam - 40 mm) How to measure a bowler hat door?
  • Cam bombin: The cams can be of 2 types, long (15 mm) and short (12-13mm), which cam should I choose? Typically the metal doors have short cam while the wooden doors operate with cam 15mm long. The cam is the mechanism that moves when turning the key. How to measure the cam of a bowler hat?
  • Security level: If we want to protect a site of the most common methods of opening a bowler hat (drilling, ganzuado, bumping, extraction, etc) must install a high security cylinder, usually have a higher price because the benefits you are much greater than those of an ordinary cylinder. Commonly bowlers have high security keys points and card property to prevent copies of the key by strangers in addition to protection against opening methods used by thieves. For an internal door inside a house we can use normal bowlers as they comply perfectly with its function of providing a medium level of protection. (There are also bowlers for armored doors)

If bowlers or cylinders need to buy wholesale in large quantities ask us a budget. Besides that perform igualamientos and master key, just contact us and tell us what you need.