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buy aguaplast Aguaplast the name is displayed a wide range of putty and sealants surfaces ensuring an excellent finished result. Professionals, DIY enthusiasts and general users rely on these products year after year have been consolidated as quality assurance.

A Aguaplast for each application

The products developed by Aguaplast for every need are many and varied, the most known and used those serving for plastering, smoothing and cover small cracks and holes. Among them we can count on Aguaplast Standard, Aguaplast finishes, Aguaplast Standard Cima, Aguaplast Standard Instant, Aguaplast Standard Professional, or Aguaplast Spray cracks.

But here they do not end or products or applications that offer different variants. We can find specific Aguaplast as follows:

  • Putties and mastics Aguaplast for renovation work on walls and ceilings, cover gotelé, chopped, etc.
  • Mastics and putties Aguaplast for jobs where the application of a thick layer thickness is required, to work filling large holes ...
  • Mastics and putties Aguaplast to fill and seal cracks and fissures dynamic.
  • Mastics and putties Aguaplast to work on different surfaces and thicknesses.
  • Mastics and putties Aguaplast to repair cracks and damage on wooden surfaces are available in different colors.
  • Putties and mastics Aguaplast to renovate, Concreting facades.
  • Putties Aguaplast ideal for those jobs where impermeabilzación surfaces required.
  • Plaste Aguaplast to secure, anchor, flush and fill on cement, poles, ladders, handrails, etc.
  • Spackling Aguaplast to renovate and decorate walls while getting rustic finishes and effects look old.
  • Plaste Aguaplast to prevent moisture condensation inside a housing. In addition, it can be applied as part of a comprehensive Anti-condensation system.

Data to take into account when choosing one or another type of Aguaplast:

aguaplast prices Should know what kind of Aguaplast used in each case, how to prepare and how to apply. You will have no doubt when you observe the pictograms of each package in which the following characteristics are as follows:

  • Layer thickness: size recommended layer, expressed in millimeters.
  • Application site: If it is for indoor or outdoor.
  • Mix: The amount of water that is required for one kilogram of product.
  • Working time: Refers to time using the product, the time between mixing and setting time. Data are given under normal conditions of application (20 ° C and 65% RH).
  • Drying: The time from which the product has been applied until dry. It is an important to consider for application of subsequent layers of products, the second hand data refinish ... Data are given under normal conditions of application (20 ° C and 65% RH).
  • Sanding / painted: Indicates when you can start sanding or paint the surface that has worked.
  • Consumption: Indicates the number of kilograms needed to cover one square meter.
  • Application temperature: Indicates the ambient temperature at which you have to work with the products.
  • Warnings: Observations to consider the use of the product.

In Bricolemar you can find most of these variants Aguaplast at super competitive prices, in different formats and sizes, adapted to the great needs of professional or sporadic uses of the handyman of the house.