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Wood screws and bolts

If you need wood screws for work binding, fixing or assembling furniture or products in materials such as wood, particle board or plastic, in this section you will find the best price.

This sub-category of Industrial Fasteners of Bricolemar we offer a wide collection of these essential elements for mounting various types of facilities made primarily of wood.

What you should know before purchasing wood screws?

Screws and screws for wood contemplate a large family of screws of different characteristics whose use is specific for different functions. To consider:

  • Countersunk screws or domed head are usually used for wood works generally. These screws have a screw profile PZ, PH and Torx.
  • Round head screws: also used in woodworking in general, these screws have a screw profile slot.
  • Screws oval head fasteners are used in fittings and accessories, where the screw head remains above the surface of the wood. They have a groove profile for screwing.
  • Countersunk screws with groove profile: they are usually dedicated to universal fixations wood, where required that the head is countersunk.
  • Lag screws for wood: hex head with lengths from 30 to 100 mm, they are generally used to support heavy loads such as in assemblies concrete floor beams.

Each model screw thread for wood and dedicated to different functions of specific and different finishes and chromate or zinc, can buy here at the best price.

Whether for work at home or major tasks as works or workshops where quantities are required wholesale screws, here we offer the best prices to match your budget to purchase.