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DOM Diamant Bombin Advanced Security

The German company DOM Sicherheitstechnik brings to the Spanish market the bowler DOM Diamant (Diamond) which has a level of security and a building model never before seen in a bowler hat and now accompanies our section bowlers for locks .

We recommend buying the bowler DOM Diamant for houses and buildings high security due to the higher degree of protection offered.

What does DOM Diamant different from the rest of the bowlers?

  • First the key, has a three-dimensional profile milling. Because it is rare that this type of key is virtually impossible to duplicate it.
  • Try drilling or removing the cylinder is in the past, it has one of the highest levels of market resistance.
  • It has been approved by the VdS against attempts to open and strength, which is a standard aemana the association of insurers against damage.
  • DOM the same company which has security bowlers top quality bowler security considers this the best of them.

Why should I buy a bowler hat as high performance as the DOM Diamant?

  • It is virtually impossible to duplicate the key.
  • In addition to the difficulty of duplicating the key because of the way the property card (included in the box with the bowler hat) is also necessary
  • Meets the highest scores drill protection, anti breakage protection.
  • You have the VdS and DIN EN 1303
  • It is double-clutch Masterkeyable.
  • Gives our home or office security at the highest level.
  • Have the opportunity to be trained (this option is available on request)

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