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Bathroom taps

Bathroom fitting is an essential element of home. Basin faucets, bidet, bathtub and shower ... Each of them has pos ibili different ties to offer the greatest possible comfort: finishing properties and type of water consumption are elements to consider when choosing a faucet to cover our needs.

  • Basin faucet often called wide attention because it is also an aesthetic element to be combined with the other elements of bathroom furniture or where it is installed. It is preferable to choose a model with chrome finish to prevent corrosion while stressing by offering brightness.
  • The bidet faucet resembles the sink though less features and are usually installed superimposed on the toilet. They have a movable piece in the pipe to guide the water flow direction.
  • The bathroom faucet, the faucet in the shower or faucet for both are usually wall type, settling on the wall, it is necessary to measure the distance between the pipes in the wall and although the standard width is 150mm, the bath and shower faucets usually come with an adapter to adjust the width between 125 and 175mm.

In any case we are talking about faucets, to be part of personal hygiene, consume a great deal of water and energy resources for heating, so you have to help saving accessories or spare parts that will maintain its condition every element of the taps is an aspect of fundamental importance. Taps in our section you can find aerators, handles and hoses that complements this range of bathroom taps.

Taps gain in energy efficiency

Timed taps allows paso water for a few seconds when you press a button. Once after that time is necessary to press if you want to use more of it. In Bricolemar you can find timers faucets toilets and sinks and faucets and urinals flexometers timers.

The thermostatic mixer is characterized by having two different controls, one to regulate the flow and another to regulate the temperature. With this type of taps will have a constant flow rate and temperature, greater choice of regulation, safety and savings.