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When decorating our homes one of the main chapters is to define how we want to "dress" our windows. Once you've chosen the best option curtain, here are the best option to hang.

Whether with the classic bar or curtain rails also allow paneled hang curtains, sheers alone or accompanied by, you will find the perfect solution you can accompany with perfect shots or easy to install brackets.

What elements will help you optimal placement of curtains?

After choosing the fabric, and there are few curtain accessories to help you complete your decorating project with the maximum guarantee. These are the most important:

  • Rails. Mechanisms curtain rails respond to more specific uses and facilities. Extendable rails are a useful solution to dress as windows.
  • Finials. Add all the way to decorate your windows touch. Terminals with matching curtain rods of various shapes, colors, materials and finishes. Choose the finish that fits your style.
  • Supports. indispensable devices to fix the bar. Discover the different types of support according to the form of installation: wall, ceiling or between walls, single or double.
  • Rings. The rings are necessary to hang the curtains if they are not provided with loops or eyelets. It will help you get a good drop cloth.
  • Portavisillos. Practical but without neglecting the decorative aspect. Extendable portavisillos are recommended to hang all kinds of curtains and light curtains.
  • Spirals for sheers. Extensible spiral rods covered in black to enter by a simple top hem. The most practical way to hang a curtain.

As you see, all is not just on curtain rods, there is a world that revolves around the most basic way to decorate your windows.