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Door Accessories

Our doors define much of our home, are the elements of access or passage to our fields. The doors have double features that sometimes contradict and invite you to enter or prevent access; outside isolate us or communicate us with our neighbors. The "Welcome" doormat is in brackets to pass the test of the peephole. So yes, go to this section.

Here you will find the accessories for doors, both access and indoor or garage that will make your home safer, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Among other things you will find:

  • Numbers and letters to identify your home within a street, building or floor staircase.
  • Conventional peepholes and electronic to recognize callers at their doors and take appropriate precautions peepholes.
  • Hinges and pins to replace or reinforce the grip and swing doors with all the guarantees,   with end without end, of rounded or straight.
  • Knobs, handles and cremonas to facilitate opening and closing its doors with elegance and minimal effort. In different models, materials and colors, both for wooden doors and aluminum or other.
  • Weatherstripping for doors to keep out cold or heat escaping, and also reduce noise that come to us from the street and a cushioned closing. Certainly a key element isolation favor and this will translate into convenience and savings.
  • And much more, as stops, wedges and retaining doors to protect them from slamming doors or keep them in the position you want, or plates pisa-doors to push the door with his feet if we have your hands full, etc.

When buying accessories for doors here you will find items at unbeatable prices and unparalleled quality.