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Our doors define much of our home, are the elements of access or passage to our fields. The doors have double features that sometimes contradict and invite you to enter or prevent access; outside isolate us or communicate us with our neighbors. The "Welcome" doormat is in brackets to pass the test of the peephole. So yes, go to this section.

Here you will find the accessories for doors, both access and indoor or garage that will make your home safer, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Among other things you will find:

  • Numbers and letters to identify your home within a street, building or floor staircase.
  • Conventional peepholes and electronic to recognize callers at their doors and take appropriate precautions peepholes.
  • Hinges and pins to replace or reinforce the grip and swing doors with all the guarantees,   with end without end, of rounded or straight.
  • Knobs, handles and cremonas to facilitate opening and closing its doors with elegance and minimal effort. In different models, materials and colors, both for wooden doors and aluminum or other.
  • Weatherstripping for doors to keep out cold or heat escaping, and also reduce noise that come to us from the street and a cushioned closing. Certainly a key element isolation favor and this will translate into convenience and savings.
  • And much more, as stops, wedges and retaining doors to protect them from slamming doors or keep them in the position you want, or plates pisa-doors to push the door with his feet if we have your hands full, etc.

When buying accessories for doors here you will find items at unbeatable prices and unparalleled quality.

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  • Numbers And Letters

    Metal numbers and letters

    Door numbers are identification tools homes, offices, residential rooms and generally very necessary to avoid confusion and always give good references.

    In this sub-category store Door Accessories will get everything needed to help identify your place with letters and numbers great style and always at the best price.

    How to install door numbers and letters?

    Since it is very important to all property well identified with numbers and letters for doors must follow certain recommendations to properly install them .

    • Mark the position: once chosen the number or letter to be used should choose the place where the door is to be located. Usually choose the center of the door. It is advisable to measure the distance between the lock and the top of the door, from here the midpoint mark and then the horizontal center point is. The position is where both points are.
    • It should hold the letter or number to make the marks: right next to the center mark of the door to keep the number or letter for the contour of the workpiece.
    • If screw holes are open: you must choose the drill bit to match the screw for adjusting work.
    • Drill holes: in the marks made, must be made with the drill holes, taking care not to pierce or damage the door. It is ideal to pilot holes.
    • Place the piece in place: and must be inserted screws, nails or rivets in the holes. Finally they should be screwed or verify they are fixed in position so that in this way the number or letter will not fall.

    Remember that these letters and numbers to houses in polished brass metal specifically here the get the best price for retail. For wholesale quantities we can also offer you the right price for your budget, just contact us directly at our phone number.

    Identify your door a good time with letters and numbers Bricolemar house!

  • Peepholes

    Peepholes for doors

    Peepholes for doors have been created with the aim of knowing who knocks on the door for obvious security reasons. In Bricolemar we believe that the peephole is a necessary complement to avoid unnecessary risks.

    What other advantages to consider the safety door peepholes?

    The decision to buy a peephole door must consider the following advantages:

    • Help know who knocks on the door: it is primarily a safety reason, and that new ways to deceive people and make steals home every day there, so you should always be aware of what happens abroad of the door.
    • Avoid unwanted visits: it may sound impolite, but sometimes we are unwilling to receive some visits at home and that have also been made peepholes. Take a look to see who knocks on the door offers the advantage of allowing decide whether or not to serve.
    • Check the ground to home: in case of natural disasters or structural accidents, a peephole can mean the difference between staying safe at home or being caught in debris, or simply allow us to verify if the escape routes are kept free to plan a evacuation.

    For these reasons and more is that we introduce this sub-category of accessories for doors, so that you can make your door an excellent first security barrier between the weather, the foreign friends and home.

    We have for you the best security peepholes for any type of door on you require to take a look, and the best price of retail. But if you want to buy peepholes in amounts to more to market you can contact our phone to offer you the ideal price for your budget.

  • Knobs, Handles And Cremonas

    Doorknobs, door handles and cremonas

    This is the section of knobs, handles and door cremonas where you will find the products needed to open and close doors with ease, comfort and elegance of varying designs.

    Each of the products listed in this sub-category Door Accessories are designed to be installed on aluminum doors, wood and other materials.

    Criteria for choosing doorknobs Door

    Having a new apartment or house, usually the doors come with handles for traditional doors. But if you want a reform or change, you must take into account the following criteria:

    • Knowing what functionality we need to meet this criterion should be taken into account if it relates to an interior door that does not require pin or external to itself requires, if you have children or elderly is preferable to choose handles that are easier to use than knobs.
    • Ideally , replacing doorknobs, handles or cremonas old by the same models: usually the doors have holes adapted to the different knobs or handles and to avoid making additional work is preferable to replace an old doorknob with a new one or an old handle a new handle.
    • If you want to give a modern twist: selecting handles with coat may be most suitable, but you can also choose cremonas. If instead you want to keep a traditional style knobs they are an ideal choice.

    There are many more reasons to choose knobs for doors, should only be clear what is the predominant criterion and what are their needs, but the only reason and judgment should always keep in mind is to acquire its knobs, handles or cremonas in our shop, where you will find the best price for retail and also the largest.

    Let's close these doors with ease and style door handles of all brands you find in Bricolemar!

  • Weatherstripping For Doors

    Low door weatherstripping

    The home insulation is better if installed weatherstripping under doors home because they do not allow the entry of air through that space, nor the output of the heat accumulated inside the house.

    These door fittings find them here at the best price, so you can not only save on their purchase price but in addition, you can achieve up to an estimated 30% energy savings.

    What you should know before buying weatherstripping for doors?

    Before purchasing weatherstripping for doors it is necessary to know the following characteristics of the doors, holes and weather stripping them:

    • The type of weatherstripping: there are several types, such as
      • The rubber ideal for medium and large gaps under doors up to 5 mm. Sor also airtight and prevent the ingress of water.
      • The brush to be attached to the inner rails of the doors.
      • The thermo-plastic to cover holes or up to 7 mm.
      • The rigid PVC for large cavities.
      • The hair that are ideal for installation in homes with sensitive soils that may be scratched by the action of a rigid weatherstrip.
    • The gap left by the door to decide between one or the other weatherstripping should observe the remaining gap under the door. As mentioned above, smaller cavities can use rubber weatherstripping, and larger sizes may need weatherstripping thermo-plastic or PVC.
    • The action of the weatherstripping on the door if the weather stripping is tilting, it must be screwed through its PVC or aluminum foil so that only touch the floor when the door is closed. If adhesive is required to pierce the door installation.
    • The type of soil on which will be installed: if the soil is sensitive to be scratched required weatherstripping as hair or rubber.

    You know these details, here you can buy products such as rubber weatherstripping for doors with the best delivery service in 24 hours and the best price of retail.

    And if you are a trader you install insulation or weather stripping for doors and need in the largest quantities, we can offer you an excellent accommodation to suit your budget if you call us to our phone.

  • Hinges And Pins

    Hinges and pins Door

    Hinges and hinges for doors are one of the components necessary for the proper doors for closing of the doors.

    Bricolemar why we offer in this category belonging to accessories for doors, so you can get the best price for the best complements your doors can open and close without any problems, with ease, quality and style.

    Differences between hinges and door hinges

    There are large differences between hinges and hinges for doors, including the hinges are considered as a particular type of hinges.

    The hinges generally have a differentiated stem on which the fins rotate independently support. Meanwhile, the hinges have their rod or shaft fixed to a support fins, while the other rotates in a plane fin.

    What should you consider to buy door hinges?

    Several criteria must be taken into account to buy door hinges, among which we mention:

    • The type of door hinge or to select a proper hinge, you need to know the door design, features such as thickness, weight and height, as well as the number of hinges will need. So:
      • Door sizes smaller than 1 meter and a weight of 5 kg, can be used only a couple of hinges.
      • For doors between 1 and 1.5 meters high and weights up to 9 kg, 3 hinges are recommended.
      • For doors with sizes between 1.5 and 2 meters and weighing up to 15 kilos, it is recommended to install up to 4 hinges.
      • Doors heights up to 2.25 meters and 15 kilos heavier weights may require up to 5 hinges or hinges.
    • The type of installation: as well as its location, functionality and visibility define the type of hinge or hinge to install, as well as the opening angle, because the hinges have limited the movement of one of its wings.
    • The material of manufacture is a factor. We have hinges and hinges of materials such as brass, aluminum or stainless steel. The brass have less to aluminum and stainless steel cost, but less resistant work cycles and are much more useful in doors of little use.

    With these criteria you can buy the door hinges you need and consider for proper installation of your gates.

    Remember that the prices we offer for our products are expressed in prices for retail purchase. But if you have a business dedicated to the installation of doors or marketing of these accessories, you can contact our phone so we can bring the right budget to your needs.

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