Accessories and items for furniture

Whether to repair, reinforce or upgrade your kitchen cabinets, bathroom, bedroom, living room or any corner of your home, and also for your DIY jobs in creating new furniture, here we offer a selection of accessories for furniture and parts that make your furniture again have full functionality or have the perfect finish you always wanted.

  • Hangers and hooks: tongue - shaped, windy, magnet, hook, clamp; plastic, wood or metal; adhesives or nails to fix, in different colors and sizes ... will help you hang paintings, photographs, decorative items, kitchenware, bath accessories, clothing and etc.
  • Shelf shelves: Indispensable to organize, sort and store different objects and so have all your stuff by hand.
  • Angles, plates, guides, profiles and brackets: not only allow you to sustain and strengthen the different elements of the furniture, but also be leveled and adjusted, as well as a flawless finish.
  • Hinges and hinges: to restore full functionality to the doors of your kitchen cabinets, closets, cabinets or other furniture. Different possibilities for different models and needs.
  • Knobs and handles: ... and handles and handles for drawers, lids and doors of your furniture. In addition to fulfilling its function will be an essential element in your projects ornamental decoration.
  • Furniture legs and wheels: When you see fit your furniture have some lift or have a certain mobility, here we offer several solutions for your chairs, tables, shower doors ...
  • Legs for mattress: In addition to the classic feet or bases mattress bed, you will also find fittings for modern folding couches.
  • Rustic fittings: Everything you need to give your furniture Castilian type that rustic yet elegant touch.
  • And many more furniture items as protectors, sliders, brackets, etc.

If you are looking to buy furniture accessories, this is your space.

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  • Hinges And Pins

    Best hinges and door hinges, we have to bowl, folding, piano, rustic, JIGSAW, etc.

  • Knobs And Handles

    Furniture knobs and handles

    Opening and closing drawers, lids and doors of your living room furniture, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom will not be difficult with the selection of knobs and handles that we offer in this section.

    On many occasions it comes to repair those knobs furniture that have deteriorated or have been losing their luster over time; at other times we only want to give an innovative aspect or into line with new furniture. In this way, perhaps you seek handles for cabinets with character and personality, or perhaps a handle to the chest in the attic with some vintage flavor, or rather a knob for your cupboard to give a touch of elegance while functionality . These are some of the possibilities, but certainly more models here for other uses.

    In this section you can find knobs and handles for furniture in different models, colors, materials and sizes that match your needs, and also very affordable prices pockets. Remove the old handles and mount the new task will not be complex because they are very easy to install. With a simple screwdriver you've done a little DIY work yet give renewed your furniture in the blink of an eye appearance.

    Recalls that section Doors offers on other models of doorknobs, knobs, handles, handles, pull handles, etc., specific access doors and passage. Also in the Window section you will find specific window sashes handles. And if you're looking knobs with locks are included in our section Cerrajería find a variety of major brands for both entrance doors, classroom, private, step, hotel ...

  • Angles, Plates And Brackets

    Construction hardware wood structures

  • Hooks And Hangers

    Hooks and hangers

    The application possibilities offered by the huge variety of hangers and hangers are endless. And it could not be less because at some point we will need to use them in any room of our homes: hang paintings, photographs, decorative items, kitchenware, bath accessories, clothing, garden tools, and long etc.

    Whether hook type, sucker type, magnet type, hook type, clamp type; plastic, wood, metal or methacrylate; adhesives or hangers to fix with nails in different colors and sizes ... you will always find one that suits your needs.

    The wide variety comes to thicken thanks to the development of new technologies that are driving cutting edge brands. So, we started talking about "adhesive nails" or "screws adhesives" for new hangers, with the advantage of being able to remove them and put them without damaging our walls, ceilings, tiles, furniture, etc. You can even find hangers with adjustable adhesive nails incorporating different height levels to adjust the hanging at the appropriate level if they were the first tee twisted objects.

    The truth is that the traditional assembly system based nail and hammer is losing ground to other materials that respect more surfaces where they are to be fixed. Thus we adhesives adhesive hangers or hooks capable of withstanding heavy weights and yet, if we wanted to remove enough to pull the media to leave intact surfaces.

    When buying hangers and hangers we recommend that you give a tour of this section. Undoubtedly, you will find from the cualgaescobas to guelgafix, through any of the other types of hangers we have discussed above, at very advantageous prices and with the quality you offer the big brands.

  • Shelf Shelves

    Metal shelves Shelf

    In this section you will find all the components to create metal shelves with slotted angle system, suitable for manual storage of light loads and even relatively heavy, furniture for storage or dressing rooms, offices, workshops, storage areas and communities. Mounting system is a versatile, economical and easy to assemble So it can do yourself!

    Screw assembly is simple and fast, resulting in a robust structure with good load capacity. The shelves are adjustable for height thereby facilitating storage of loads with different volume.

    Here are the main elements that make up a shelf with slotted angle system. On the one hand we have the shelves in gray in different sizes, both in width and length; on the other hand are the profiles for different heights, simple bases or double to form the legs, the brackets galvanized to reinforce the joints and are flush and finally the screws to make fixing of the shelves with brackets and profiles.

    And like are mounted, the shelves are fully removable and allowed modifications or extensions in both height and length. The versatility of application provides not only easy mounting of the shelves but also other diverse elements as banks, tables, several structures, etc.

    Begins by taking measurements of space where you want to mount the shelf and keep in mind the different needs of loads you will have: there will be more bulky objects and others not so much; some will be heavier and lighter ones ... with all these elements can make a sketch with the necessary measures, the points that need strengthening, spaces must be left between shelves ... and the'll be creating your shelf without much hassle, knowing that always you can make further adjustments and changes.

  • Catches

    Catches and assembly screws

  • Supports And Guides

    Supports for microwave, TV and other furniture, and sets guidelines for drawers or shelves

  • Legs And Wheels

    Variety of legs for furniture and bed frames and wheels for tables, chairs and other furnishings.

  • Bumpers And Protections

    Useful for doors and chairs: stops, wedges, slippers

  • Rustic Fittings

    Buy Online Rusticos Hardware - Hardware Castilian at the best price

    In this section you will find everything you need in rustic fittings and the best price. We work a wide variety of antique fittings and top brand.

    If you were looking to buy raw hardware and have come to Bricolemar, then you are in the right place, you will find products of various brands such as Emilio Tortajada , AMIG, etc. and all at an unbeatable price.

    We hope you enjoy this section as surely find the fitting Castilian are looking for and more! If you wish to buy hardware wholesale not hesitate to request a budget, we will be happy to assist you !

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Showing 1 - 30 of 374 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 374 items