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The range of safety footwear Bellota responds to the need to protect people in the workplace, an issue of fundamental importance in which Bellota leads providing solutions for over a hundred years ago.

The safety shoes Bellota undergo rigorous testing before hitting the market, which means genuine quality assurance, offering products that include all the benefits of deep user knowledge, research and use of the latest technological advances.

Footwear Bellota is the product of a selection of the most advanced materials and development of the designs that best meet the needs of today and tomorrow. The result is a wide range to meet different needs, from the functional to the more technical models.

Safety and comfort in the safety footwear Bellota

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Footwear for professional use must provide protection levels comply with the requirements of European standards, otherwise it would constitute a potential danger to users. The range of safety footwear Bellota complies scrupulously dictated by current regulations footwear for professional use, ensuring that daily work is performed under the best conditions.

When users have to constantly strive to perform their tasks and also perform their jobs in difficult terrain or complicated situations, if protection is mandatory, comfort should be too. So in safety shoes Bellota pays special attention to all aspects related to comfort and convenience.

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