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Hinges and pins Door

Hinges and hinges for doors are one of the components necessary for the proper doors for closing of the doors.

Bricolemar why we offer in this category belonging to accessories for doors, so you can get the best price for the best complements your doors can open and close without any problems, with ease, quality and style.

Differences between hinges and door hinges

There are large differences between hinges and hinges for doors, including the hinges are considered as a particular type of hinges.

The hinges generally have a differentiated stem on which the fins rotate independently support. Meanwhile, the hinges have their rod or shaft fixed to a support fins, while the other rotates in a plane fin.

What should you consider to buy door hinges?

Several criteria must be taken into account to buy door hinges, among which we mention:

  • The type of door hinge or to select a proper hinge, you need to know the door design, features such as thickness, weight and height, as well as the number of hinges will need. So:
    • Door sizes smaller than 1 meter and a weight of 5 kg, can be used only a couple of hinges.
    • For doors between 1 and 1.5 meters high and weights up to 9 kg, 3 hinges are recommended.
    • For doors with sizes between 1.5 and 2 meters and weighing up to 15 kilos, it is recommended to install up to 4 hinges.
    • Doors heights up to 2.25 meters and 15 kilos heavier weights may require up to 5 hinges or hinges.
  • The type of installation: as well as its location, functionality and visibility define the type of hinge or hinge to install, as well as the opening angle, because the hinges have limited the movement of one of its wings.
  • The material of manufacture is a factor. We have hinges and hinges of materials such as brass, aluminum or stainless steel. The brass have less to aluminum and stainless steel cost, but less resistant work cycles and are much more useful in doors of little use.

With these criteria you can buy the door hinges you need and consider for proper installation of your gates.

Remember that the prices we offer for our products are expressed in prices for retail purchase. But if you have a business dedicated to the installation of doors or marketing of these accessories, you can contact our phone so we can bring the right budget to your needs.