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In this section of climatizacion you find everything you need for the home, office or anywhere have the temperature and the ideal environment from air conditioning systems for winter to combat moisture appliances.

We offer all the best in air conditioning from Madrid to the rest of Spain and European countries with an excellent shuttle service and an unbeatable price. Offering products and HVAC equipment brands such as HJM , Pekatherm , Mercatools , GSC Evolution and much, much more!

It is that in the online shop climatizacion want to offer the best shopping experience everything related to air conditioning systems from the comfort of your computer.

And the prices? Well, our prices are presented for air conditioning equipment retail. If you want to buy products at wholesale, you will have to just contact us to our phone.

Get access and air conditioning in our products and bad weather ponle good products and good face!

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  • Fans

    Shop online fans

    In Bricolemar we have a wide variety of items for fans who want to buy online at the best price and excellent quality in our service and our products.

    The variety of products from our online store fans will allow you to choose the fan that suits your need, whether ceiling fans, wall fans, stand fans, tower, table or air circulators, you need to fight heat, we have it here for you.

    No more wondering where to buy online fans that have come to the right place, here you are a few clicks to buy your new fan to have a cooler summer.

    Your welcome! We are ready to help you find the fan that best suits your requirements.

  • Heating

    Heating, everything you need to keep warm at home

    When cold approaches, nothing better to be prepared with adequate heating for the home, because not only enough clothes for the winter but we also have the best heating systems for our home, office and other closed places.

    That's why in Bricolemar we present our online store heating to enter rapidly heat and with just a few clicks. And of course, the best price! In this section, you will find various heating systems such as electric heating, stoves, pads and even accessories for fireplaces.

    We want to help keep warm with proper heating. So do not hesitate and go ahead so you can buy heating with Bricolemar and have it soon before the cold winter seasons strain into your home.

    The heating prices you'll find in our online store heating, are marked for detailed purchase, so if you want to buy our products and heating systems wholesale, we recommend that you contact our phone with us to offer a very adequate budget to your purchasing needs.

    And that is not cool your home with heating we offer in Bricolemar for very good price!

  • Humidifier And Dehumidifier

    Humidification and dehumidification, moisture for ideal home

    In this section you will find the online store humidification and dehumidification of Bricolemar so you can figure out how to control humidity in a room and achieve ideal humidity at home.

    Section humidifier and dehumidifier sale has a unique selection of products and equipment ideal for humidifying and dehumidifying air treatment in any home, office or elsewhere, at unbeatable prices.

    Remember that our prices for equipment and accessories shown humidification and dehumidification for detailed purchase. For prices humidifier and dehumidifier your preference to older, you should contact us to our phone.

    Achieves ideal humidity and home buying humidifiers and dehumidifiers in Bricolemar!

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Showing 1 - 30 of 102 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 102 items