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Loctite SUPER GLUE-3

Loctite Super Glue-3 in liquid version is a versatile, fast and strong instant glue, ideal for use with ceramic, porcelain, metal, rubber, leather, wood, plastics (except PE / PP), paper. Its properties include its clean and clear connections, ensuring a durable bond. Dries in seconds and is resistant to temperature, water and shock.

When buying Loctite Super Glue 3 offers this product with different applicators and formats for any kind of need.

In Bricolemar you may find the following versions of Superglue 3 liquid:

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  • Super Glue 3 Original: With anti - clogging cap. For all types of applications. Fast and safe.
  • Super Glue 3 Control: For those inaccessible joints allows accurate dosing dropwise. Safety lock with locking system with double click.
  • Super Glue 3 Mini Trio: 3 practical dose containers each. Product always cool to use.
  • 3 Super Glue Brush: Revolutionary brush that applies the product clean and safe mode.
  • Super Glue 3 Accuracy: extra long nozzle which allows to reach corners of difficult access.
  • Super Glue 3 Accuracy Max: extra long nozzle which allows to reach corners of difficult access. The content for frequent use.
  • Super Glue Professional 3: Large bottle for intensive use.

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In addition to these liquid versions, Loctite surprising with other versions as Super Glue 3 POWER FLEX GEL, whose rubber particles enriched formula instantly creates powerful strength and flex joints ibili ness; Super Glue 3 PowerEasy, which formula does not stick fingers immediately, is repositionable and it is nonirritating and odorless; or Super Glue 3 Perfect PEN with a system that makes clean, precise and easy to use as a pen.

Recommendations for use:

  • For applications that are in contact with water or moisture, leave an hour to dry before use.
  • At the junction, lightly press a few seconds.
  • Before replacing the cap, clean the nozzle with a cloth with Loctite Adhesive Cleaner or nail polish remover containing acetone.
  • If adhesion to the skin, apply hot water carefully using soap.
  • If the glue hardens in the nozzle tip with a pin pressed in the tip to reopen.
  • Remember that excess glue drying time increases and decreases the bonding force.