Labor protection. Epis security necessary for safe work

Safety is the main thing when doing physical tasks at work. That's why in Bricolemar dedicated exclusively to labor protection section and everything related to security epis our online hardware store, so you can always work safely and according to the laws.

In this section we have put our efforts to provide labor protection equipment in an online shop where you can find many quality products such as helmets, gloves, masks, goggles, knee pads, masks and lenses.

Labor protection equipment available to us in our shop, belonging to the best brands of security epis you can find in the Spanish market. With brands like Climax , Personna , Miarco , CIPISA , FCDB, Bellota and many more, we propose a varied range of products for protection of occupational hazards to suit different needs and budgets with which you can tell.

If you want to buy labor protection in Bricolemar you've come to the right place, because here you will find products like epis security and any other material of labor protection in general needed to develop the work of the work safely and in compliance with the standards. You're just a few clicks of your new equipment, so go for it!

The prices you see reflected in our online sales are detailed for buying epis, to know our wholesale prices, please contact us directly to our phones and will offer an adequate budget to your needs.

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  • Work Gloves

    Safety gloves

    Wide range of safety gloves for all types of work where required to protect hands and prevent damage to the user's skin either by abrasion, by cutting, burning, etc. Different materials for every occasion, comfortable and durable.

  • Workwear


    Every industry, business, hotel or factory that has employed in production lines and other processes require workwear, also known as work clothes, suitable to meet labor standards and regulations, and to give comfort to employees.

    That is why in Bricolemar we offer our clothes shop working on our website, so you can buy online workwear of the highest quality and the best prices, with our excellent delivery service that allows you to have your work equipment soon time from your purchase.

    In Bricolemar we work clothes cheap but very good quality as Tergal pants and shirts, shoes and boots Bellota , Chintex , Mavinsa and apparel products work safety

    So if you want to buy work clothes, only you must click on any of our products and add it to your cart. You must keep in mind that our cheap workwear presents prices to buy retail, so if you want to buy labor wholesale clothing, you can contact us directly to our phones so we can present an adequate budget to your needs.

  • Security Shoes

    Boots and safety shoes

    Safe and works comfortably with our section Bricolemar safety footwear. In this section you will find a wide range of safety shoes so you do not worry about your safety when working.

    In Bricolemar we understand that not only require your tools to do a good job in the gigs, but you must have the best allies in protection. That is why we also care because labor protection footwear is at your disposal so that you or your employees can work according to the regulations.

    Safety shoes from our online shop safety shoes has the quality of the best brands in labor protection. And it's why we bring you these products at a great price. Safety footwear, safety boots and more at a great price and excellent service, That is our goal!

    We remind you that all prices safety shoes you'll find our prices are for retail purchases. If , however, you're looking to buy work shoes wholesale, we suggest that you contact us by phone or email so we can agree on an appropriate budget to your requirements.

  • Facemasks And Respirators

    Buconasales, conical and disposable masks

    Bucconasal masks for protection in places with particles, gases, vapors, fumes, chemicals ... dispersed in the environment that could damage health. Quality items for every occasion made of high quality materials at the best prices.

  • Safety Helmets

    Helmets work

    A good helmet works must be approved according to EN 397para ensure the ability helmet   absorb the impact and penetration resistance. Helmet to protect his head in case of risks of falling objects or head crashes, ensuring workers or visitors in the works or in areas of risk.

  • Auditive Protectors

    Auditive protectors

    Here you will find products to protect your ears like earplugs I earmuffs, essential type jobs with excessive noise, and also to keep out water, sand and wind.

  • Safety Glasses

    Safety glasses

    Safety glasses for the workplace integrate all kinds of adaptive technologies to farm worker needs: anti-fog, anti-splash, ventilation, ultra-light, anti scratch, etc.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 91 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 91 items