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Bumpers, door wedges and detents

There are multiple uses that can be given to the family of doorstops, but mainly the most common is to prevent slamming against walls and other decorative elements, and thus avoid bumps, scratches and breaks both the door and door handles, and even in walls or crystals.

Shims and retainers doors instead offer other types of protection and uses as its main function is to keep the doors open. With these elements we can maintain a clear passage especially when using doors with some sort of resealable (closers or spring), either because we will need input and common output level, because we need to aerate the environment, or because especially if there are children Cerca- avoid being caught under the fingers or become locked in a room.

Manufactured in different capable materials absorb shock, different colors ranging from transparent to white or black through the entire range of woods and different designs, both stops as wedges and detents offer a wide range that will be online with your decor adapting both door models as soil, leaving unnoticed or in line with them.

The doorstops models ranging from the simplest to install, such as adhesive stoppers, which simply remove the protector place where we want film (yes leaving the fine dust free area for a perfect adhesion) to the screwed stops that ensure a stronger and more durable hold, with which there will to make a hole in the ground and place it on a block atornillaremos then the doorstop of tonillo.

Just take a look on our range of stops, wedges and detents to find just that you need.