Limar, brushing and grinding with hand tools for deburring

The best in hand tools for filing, sharpening brush and find it here with our categories of files and brushes, specially designed for grinding wood, soft materials, metals and semi - hard to hard.

In Bricolemar we bring you the ideal products for filing, brushing and grinding. Rasps, files and brushes of top brands such as Bellota and Mercatools to meet your needs.

Buy tools for filing, brushing and grinding is easier now, thanks to Bricolemar. You only have to access our categories if you are looking to iron out or just to brush tools, and select one of the products within our range, according to the price and the type of tool you require.

Remember that our prices for tools for grinding and brushing tools are present on this page to buy retail. For wholesale price, please contact us to offer the best fit for your budget requirements.

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  • Limas

    Limas. Hand tools for sharpening, leveling and shaping

    To find a file at the best price to keep looking no more. Well, in Bricolemar files online shop you will find.

    We have a large stock of files of various sizes, shapes and materials. Limas triangular, round, mediacaña and the'll find only here in Bricolemar, also having the guarantee of good service and adequate delivery to the door of your home. The file tool you want, just a click away.

    Buy lima has never been easier. Enter here the product that best suits your requirements and add it to the cart and you're just steps to acquire your new file. The prices that we present are retail. To purchase limes wholesale prices, just contact us and we will present our proposal.

  • Brushes

    Brushes, hand tool to clean wood and more

    All work that claims for its quality must be not only functional but attractive. That brush, ideal for cleaning hand tool and finish to wood and other products of different materials, we offer it here in Bricolemar.

    Brushes in our online store you can find a variety of products suited to your needs, such as manual brush, brush wood, steel brush and more. Ideal for woodwork, metalwork and sparking all kinds of jobs with guaranteed brands such as hand tools manufacturer, Bellota .

    If you want to buy textbooks at the best price and the best quality brushes, you have reached the ideal place to buy with comfort, from your computer site.

    Our prices to buy a brush are for retail purchases, ie to apply for carpenter brush the largest, only must contact us directly to our phone or email and we will be ready to assist you and offer you the right budget to your request.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 60 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 60 items