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Doorknobs, door handles and cremonas

This is the section of knobs, handles and door cremonas where you will find the products needed to open and close doors with ease, comfort and elegance of varying designs.

Each of the products listed in this sub-category Door Accessories are designed to be installed on aluminum doors, wood and other materials.

Criteria for choosing doorknobs Door

Having a new apartment or house, usually the doors come with handles for traditional doors. But if you want a reform or change, you must take into account the following criteria:

  • Knowing what functionality we need to meet this criterion should be taken into account if it relates to an interior door that does not require pin or external to itself requires, if you have children or elderly is preferable to choose handles that are easier to use than knobs.
  • Ideally , replacing doorknobs, handles or cremonas old by the same models: usually the doors have holes adapted to the different knobs or handles and to avoid making additional work is preferable to replace an old doorknob with a new one or an old handle a new handle.
  • If you want to give a modern twist: selecting handles with coat may be most suitable, but you can also choose cremonas. If instead you want to keep a traditional style knobs they are an ideal choice.

There are many more reasons to choose knobs for doors, should only be clear what is the predominant criterion and what are their needs, but the only reason and judgment should always keep in mind is to acquire its knobs, handles or cremonas in our shop, where you will find the best price for retail and also the largest.

Let's close these doors with ease and style door handles of all brands you find in Bricolemar!