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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Decorative Artificial Seto and Concealment

The artificial hedge is practically unbeatable to decorate and hide while your garden, to install normally just buy flanges and ready (preferably the same color as the hedge is usually green, so little notice) element

Artificial Seto Advantages of Buying Online

  1. Suitable for all budgets, is very economical.
  2. Maintenance free unlike natural hedges.
  3. Easy to install, just the hedge and flanges.
  4. Green artificial hedge no problem pl aga s, that grow and invade the house or neighbor, etc.
  5. Aesthetically is a beauty and give a stylish new garden or area to be covered appearance.
  6. Achieves 2 functions at the same time, the hedge decorates and hides.

What measures Decorative Artificial Seto are the most common?

  • 1x3mt (1 meter high by 3 meters long)
  • 1,5x3mt (1.5 meters high by 3 meters long)
  • 2x3mt (2 meters high by 3 meters long)

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