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Furniture knobs and handles

Opening and closing drawers, lids and doors of your living room furniture, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom will not be difficult with the selection of knobs and handles that we offer in this section.

On many occasions it comes to repair those knobs furniture that have deteriorated or have been losing their luster over time; at other times we only want to give an innovative aspect or into line with new furniture. In this way, perhaps you seek handles for cabinets with character and personality, or perhaps a handle to the chest in the attic with some vintage flavor, or rather a knob for your cupboard to give a touch of elegance while functionality . These are some of the possibilities, but certainly more models here for other uses.

In this section you can find knobs and handles for furniture in different models, colors, materials and sizes that match your needs, and also very affordable prices pockets. Remove the old handles and mount the new task will not be complex because they are very easy to install. With a simple screwdriver you've done a little DIY work yet give renewed your furniture in the blink of an eye appearance.

Recalls that section Doors offers on other models of doorknobs, knobs, handles, handles, pull handles, etc., specific access doors and passage. Also in the Window section you will find specific window sashes handles. And if you're looking knobs with locks are included in our section Cerrajería find a variety of major brands for both entrance doors, classroom, private, step, hotel ...