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Ons for fireplaces ideal for keeping the fire burning

Nothing more welcoming and reassuring to sit in front of a roaring fire in the cold season. That is why we also deal in Bricolemar to give you the best in accessories for fireplaces with our exclusive online store fireplaces.

In this virtual store fireplaces that we Bricolemar we offer a variety of tools and accessories for chimneys that can help you keep the fire from fireplaces on and your living room with the ideal temperature during autumn and winter.

Among the various tools and accessories for fireplaces can be mentioned: brushes, bellows, the poker fire, dustpan and many more. These products and accessories fireplaces generally have the endorsement of brands such as Maiol and OKFuego that are a guarantee of good service and durability thanks to the experience of these brands on the market of products for home and garden.

So if you want to buy fireplace accessories you should not hesitate longer to access our online store Bricolemar, add the product you want to buy the cart and in a few clicks, and you will have your new tool for your fireplace. Please note that the prices listed on our website are for detailed sale, so if you want to buy our products, accessories fireplaces and other wholesale, should contact us by phone for you we can help with an adequate budget your needs.