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Thermos solids Valira

Thermos for food Valira stand out for its modern, compact design and unbreakable. It goes without saying that, as a mark of prestige, quality of materials with which it is manufactured is guaranteed.

What are the advantages to buy a thermos of food Valira

  • • A isothermal container with double wall vacuum 18/10 stainless steel made.
  • • It has a wide mouth that allows you to easily place food or eat straight from the container.
  • • Incorporates containers suitable for use in interior airtight freezer and microwave foods.
  • • It has a black silicone band around the container to protect blows or falls and a handle for easy carrying.
  • • The inner containers are designed airtight lids to prevent leakage of odors temperature or mixture.
  • • Ensures long thermal conservation of 6-24 hours.

Using thermoses for solids Valira

valira thermos for food To get the most out of food thermo Valira and keep food for a greater number of hours it is best to adapt the container to the type of food that we will introduce:

  • • If you are hot: fill the thermos with hot water (not boiling) cover it and leave for 3 minutes to take the thermo temperature. Then throw the water and place the food.
  • • If you are cold: fill the thermos with cold water, cover and leave 3 minutes to take the thermos temperature then throw the water and place the food.

If you also are looking for good prices on solid thermoses Valira, in Bricolemar you will find several models with different capacities that will eventually convince you that are the best option to keep your food almost like freshly cooked.