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Fire-fighting gloves

buy gloves for firefighters Fire departments attend all emergencies and although basically relate to wildland, urban, rural and industrial fires, often see them doing work for release in traffic accidents, rescues, emergency involving dangerous goods, search for victims disaster and etc. Therefore the fire-fighting gloves should allow these professionals to work for long periods in dangerous conditions. They must have certain protections against thermal elements and mechanical hazards, all regulated by a demanding standard that measures and evaluates the degree of safety gloves for firefighters.

What features should have fire-fighting gloves?

prices firefighter gloves Protective gloves for firefighters are Category 3 PPE must meet EN-659 regulations governing the protection against thermal hazards and protection against mechanical hazards. Therefore, when assessing the suitability of gloves for firefighters must take into account elements such as levels of flame behavior, the convective heat, radiant heat, contact heat; and others among which the thermal resistance of the lining material, the thermal contraction, the breaking strength of the seam, the time required for removing gloves or resistance to penetration of chemicals.

In Bricolemar you find gloves for firefighters in different sizes both in the form of wildland firefighter glove, to work at risk of heat and temperature for fire fighting.

Minimum length of the glove (EN 388)
Size Minimum length (cm)
6 26
7 27
8 28
9 29
10 30.5
eleven 31.5

Protection levels
UNE-EN 388 UNE-EN 407
Abrasion 3 Call 4
cut two convective heat 3
torn 3 Contact heat *
Prick 3 radiant heat **

* Contact temperature 250 ° C. Time threshold of at least 10 s

** According to EN ISO 694