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Modular interior and garden pots

buy modular planter Modular pots of Mediterranean series of Mondum, are offered in Round quality, innovative and refined design sets. Indifferently we can use these modular boxes at home or in the garden because they are designed for use both indoors and outdoors.

All components of the Mediterranean series have a polypropylene shell quality, UV resistant and impact beams and modular aluminum legs. The main idea was to create a modular system that could move easily from outside to inside.

Combination of a modular container with other elements

macetero modular price With this series of modular pots we can combine multiple shapes, colors and legs so that the different components are easily transformed into personal and fun creations that can be placed anywhere. A simple pot, height adjustable legs of different lengths and finished, can be easily converted into a table by adding the element of "Table" Mediterranean. And if we add the "Ice Bucket" module we can cool champagne, beer or soft drinks in our evenings outdoors.

Thanks to its high quality and refined design, each Mediterranean product is more than a pot, is a piece of furniture that stand out with its own light either inside the home and in terraces, patios or gardens.

Bricolemar offers complete kits do not have to choose one by one each component. These modular planters kits include four basic elements: gardening, legs, table and ice bucket. Choose first version (round or square), then color (red, black, gray or white), to continue the height and finish of the legs (45cm or 75cm, silver or wood).

Surely this is a good choice if we want to give our garden practical and decorative elements while versatile, all at a very affordable price and with the guarantee of a manufacturer who has taken great care in the development of this product .