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Metal shelves Shelf

In this section you will find all the components to create metal shelves with slotted angle system, suitable for manual storage of light loads and even relatively heavy, furniture for storage or dressing rooms, offices, workshops, storage areas and communities. Mounting system is a versatile, economical and easy to assemble So it can do yourself!

Screw assembly is simple and fast, resulting in a robust structure with good load capacity. The shelves are adjustable for height thereby facilitating storage of loads with different volume.

Here are the main elements that make up a shelf with slotted angle system. On the one hand we have the shelves in gray in different sizes, both in width and length; on the other hand are the profiles for different heights, simple bases or double to form the legs, the brackets galvanized to reinforce the joints and are flush and finally the screws to make fixing of the shelves with brackets and profiles.

And like are mounted, the shelves are fully removable and allowed modifications or extensions in both height and length. The versatility of application provides not only easy mounting of the shelves but also other diverse elements as banks, tables, several structures, etc.

Begins by taking measurements of space where you want to mount the shelf and keep in mind the different needs of loads you will have: there will be more bulky objects and others not so much; some will be heavier and lighter ones ... with all these elements can make a sketch with the necessary measures, the points that need strengthening, spaces must be left between shelves ... and the'll be creating your shelf without much hassle, knowing that always you can make further adjustments and changes.