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garden shed prices In this section you will find metal booths, booths resin and other components to store garden tools, firewood, wood, bicycles ... The garden sheds are very useful and versatile as they can serve as a storage room, as room toys children overseas or just to save irrigation and conservation tillage garden. The garden sheds are very easy to install: with a few tools and the help of the manual can be installed in no time.

A garden shed for every need

buy garden shed You can find a wide variety of booths outside, either on prices, surface or material to meet every need. Not the same if it is to be used to store fertilizer for the garden if to be used to protect the bike from the weather. Therefore, there are booths of wood, metal or resin ranging from 2 square meters with more than 13 others.

For garden sheds used for irrigation accessories or pool it is better not to opt for the metal booths to prevent oxidation. Similarly we should avoid if used as an auxiliary dressing room next to the pool, as swimmers come still wet after bathing.

Also, for a second car that does not want to sleep outdoors or subject it to the danger of vandalism, the best option is a prefabricated garage in the garden. This metal garage can also use as storage and storage.

And to keep in good condition tools, bicycles, garden furniture in Bricolemar also find cupboards, chests or guardabicis. They are a perfect storage solution that allows us to gain an extra space in the garden.