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Concrete vibrating screeds

Price vibrant rule A vibrating screed we can level and compact the concrete poured on a surface, and eliminate any bubbles that may contain, achieving smooth floors with fine surface finishes efficient, fast way and pre cisa.

With the same working machine, through a manual displacement applied by the operator, it can drag, extend, pushing, vibrating and smoothing the concrete, thanks to the different lengths of the vibrating screeds can cover large areas, multiplying by several men / hour work that would make one man with a normal hand rule.

Main features of a concrete vibrating screed

buy vibrant rule With a compact design, the vibrant rule is light and easy to maneuver, both versions of a handle and two handles, offering ergonomically designed to reduce physical exertion and fatigue. Vibrating screed of a handle typically have flat profile and pos ibili ty of the handle extends at different heights to suit each operator. Vibrational rule usually works with two handles L profiles and the ends of the rule are rounded to overcome obstacles.

Although require little maintenance and are easy to clean and transport, it is recommended to observe optimum performance of the manufacturer 's manual as a vibrant rule emits high levels of vibration that may affect the user's health. Anti-vibration gloves are a great ally when working with these machines.

In Bricolemar you can find vibrant rules with gasoline engines Honda for a perfect autonomy, with different widths of work and one or two handles, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, always at the most competitive prices the market and the most popular brands.