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FAC deadbolt UVE 946 antibumping

946 bolt vee price Probably both the bolt Fac 946 RP / 80 as the bolt Fac 946 LP / 80 have become the flagship products of Fac Security have since improved many of its elements for protection against theft systems , anti-crowbar, anti-drill , anti-extraction, anti-picklock and anti-bumping. The sum of all these systems enhances safety latch 946.

Remember that the locks FAC 946 LP / 80 UVE are operated inside and outside lockable, always leaving the fixed bar. While the bolts FAC 946 RP / UVE 80 are actuated by the inside by pressing the button under the bar, while the handle is pushed. Outside it works with the key.

It is the version that is, the series of locks FAC UVE 946 incorporates active pythons floating, overlapping cerradero, plate steel anti extraction and a protective cap in one piece with disk hardened steel. All this provides an effective response and definitive in the main methods thieves use to force the security.

Security elements hasp 946 UVE

A bolt anti-bumping "alt =" buy deadbolt fac 946 "style =" margin-right: 15px; float: left; "width =" 140 "height =" 140 "/> the latch Fac 946 has made him four oblique holes in a" Vee "in the cylinder which, in turn, housed within it four whistles floating pellet and assets continued. If someone perform the operation bumping with a key that does not correspond to the key cylinder, when started acting rotor and reach the height of these whistles, these block the same preventing continued rotation and, therefore, opening, likewise the key would locked without power drawn inside the rotor, so that the user would realize that you have tried to force the door. This also gives the character of anti-ganzúa, since the opening system is similar and since these floating whistles are virtually impossible of ganzuar.

An anti-lock hole

Protection cap bolt bulb Fac 946 incorporates an integral cap that surrounds the bulb in its entirety, including its front and leaving the key accessible only through a rotating disc in carbonitrided steel.

If someone tried to drill the bulb this album will turn on itself, and in the unlikely event of removal of this record would note that the first key python is made of stainless steel instead of nickel silver like the rest. Stainless steel requires specific tool for machining.

A lock lever anti-

Fac latch 946 UVE has included a striker to complement the usual underhanded strike. This locking assembly is necessary for the bolt to behave as anti-lever. The result before leverage a door with a "crowbar" or similar tool will result in a "knot" effect between the main striker, bar and underhanded strike.

An anti-extraction lock

To prevent removal of the plug by a pipe wrench or other tool to the clamping of the plug and the extraction thereof is incorporated a "U" sheet 2mm between the bulb and the part of the plate bolt Fac 946 where it joins with this. The reinforced, it is practically impossible extraction bulb by this method.

With all these improvements Fac has achieved a high security product, backed by different locksmiths who have already tested and confirmed. In Bricolemar you can find the range of 946 FAC UVE bolts in nickel and gold finishes, and with bulbs of 50 or 70 mm or special blindas longer bars for doors. We must also mention that the latest versions include adhesive reinforcement plates.