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Purification for pools

Talk of a sewage treatment pool is talking about the wholesomeness of water it contains. When water is stagnant for a while it becomes a source of bacteria and microbes that can contaminate. This makes any pool not recommended for use and you have to keep your water comes into contact with the skin and other body parts. When water is retained darkens and produce odors and ultimately becomes not recommended for human enjoyment.

Pools need a good filtration system enabling it to maintain the crystalline purified water, making it suitable for bathing. Therefore, having a filtration system is essential to prevent water from contaminating the paso of time.

What should we know before buying a plant for pool?

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The sewage pools are components that allow us to enjoy a clean and clear water. They are responsible for filtering the water keeping it free of impurities and in perfect condition for swimming.

The operation of any plant for small or medium pool is the same: when the skimmer collecting pool water sucked by the pump and passes to a filter tank, where it is scrubbed clean before returning to the pool. Depending on the type of sewage pool, the most common filters can be sand or cartridge. In the first case the sand acts as a natural filter agent retaining impurities entrained by the water, while the cartridge filters are made of cellulose and polyester, although easier Rechucking, its filtering capacity is lower.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a plant for inflatable pool (sewage removable pool) in Bricolemar the find of two types: the sewage treatment plant sand and cartridge, as well as consumables and accessories.