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Hooks and hangers

The application possibilities offered by the huge variety of hangers and hangers are endless. And it could not be less because at some point we will need to use them in any room of our homes: hang paintings, photographs, decorative items, kitchenware, bath accessories, clothing, garden tools, and long etc.

Whether hook type, sucker type, magnet type, hook type, clamp type; plastic, wood, metal or methacrylate; adhesives or hangers to fix with nails in different colors and sizes ... you will always find one that suits your needs.

The wide variety comes to thicken thanks to the development of new technologies that are driving cutting edge brands. So, we started talking about "adhesive nails" or "screws adhesives" for new hangers, with the advantage of being able to remove them and put them without damaging our walls, ceilings, tiles, furniture, etc. You can even find hangers with adjustable adhesive nails incorporating different height levels to adjust the hanging at the appropriate level if they were the first tee twisted objects.

The truth is that the traditional assembly system based nail and hammer is losing ground to other materials that respect more surfaces where they are to be fixed. Thus we adhesives adhesive hangers or hooks capable of withstanding heavy weights and yet, if we wanted to remove enough to pull the media to leave intact surfaces.

When buying hangers and hangers we recommend that you give a tour of this section. Undoubtedly, you will find from the cualgaescobas to guelgafix, through any of the other types of hangers we have discussed above, at very advantageous prices and with the quality you offer the big brands.