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Secateurs both hands at the best price

two-handed pruning shears price Scissors pruning shears Two hands are designed for pruning more comfort and less fatigue without taking robustness to a task that requires, usually, a great effort and continuity. Within the universal pruning vines, fruit or olives, we can find more green or soft branches and, on the contrary, with drier and harder branches. It is therefore important to choose a type of two - handed pruning shears accordance with the type of work to be done.

What should we consider when buy two-handed pruning shears?

buy two-handed pruning shears

  • Looking for a two - handed pruning shears easy and clean cut, so you can get a perfect penetration and sliding of the cutting blade on the branch.
  • Pruners two - handed forged steel sheets are more resistant to wear and prolong the life of the tool.
  • Make sure the joint system ensures an accurate adjustment of the scissor simple and stable over time.
  • If you have extra cushions scissors have a larger contact surface and therefore less effort in cutting and less fatigue.
  • Analyzes handles and grips, typically aluminum which makes them light and ergonomic.
  • Check that the model you choose replacement parts available, so you only have to buy spare parts if necessary and not a new pruning shears two hands.

In Bricolemar you can find scissors pruners two coats of the most important manufacturers in the sector with models for every occasion pruning, with different proposals mangos, leaves, or handgrips. And always super-competitive prices.