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  • Power Tool

    Power tools for tasks of greater accuracy and power.

    Tasks that require more precision and power, such as cutting, grinding, jigsaws, sanding, grinding, brushing and more, need the best power tools to achieve better results and final finishes.

    That is why in Bricolemar offer a wide selection of power tools ranging from jigsaws, grinders, planers and to electric multiherramientas for DIY tasks and more specific construction.

    In our online store power tools we have the assurance and quality of the best products belonging to the best brands. And yet, our power tools are cheap, you are a few clicks to check our great prices.

    If you want to buy power tools of the highest quality, please note that our prices are presented to buy retail. So if you are looking to buy wholesale power tools, contact us directly at our phone or email to introduce an adequate budget to your needs.

  • Parts & Accessories

    Accessories and parts for power tools

    No electric tool is complete without accessories and has adequate spare parts to replace the original accessories that comes from the factory tool. And here in our section of spare parts for power tools we offer the best original products so that you have the solution a few clicks away.

    In our section of spare parts for power tools you find the best products from drill bits, cutting wheels, fastening nuts, brushes, abrasives, saws and more. All these parts and accessories ideal tools are the best known brands on the market for their high quality and the materials they use.

    So keep in our section of accessories and spare parts for power tools always are up to date and work in the best way, and thus their DIY work and always have a workforce of high quality.

    Then not hesitate to buy any of our accessories from top brands or our original spare parts for your power tools here, the best price and the best service delivery. All prices are published for retail products, for products to greater contact us directly and we will help.

  • Manual Tool

    In the hand tools you will find hammers, measuring tapes, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, wrenches, saws, chisels, gouges, files, rasps, Hacksaw, protection and safety, clothing, footwear, management, cleaners and more.

  • Welding Shop Online

    Welding Shop Online

    In this section you will find different welding machinery as well as accessories (masks, filters, electrodes, etc.)

    If you look to buy online Inverter welding in our online shop you can buy, we work brands such as Stayer , Solter , Tefer , Personna , Climax , etc. And continually we add new products and suppliers to have the latest welding machines in the market.

    No longer you have to precuparte thinking to buy when you have to make Inverters TIG welding or MIG welding Bricolemar the best ally of welders.

  • Measuring Tools

    Measuring Instruments

    In this section we bring you a wide variety of measuring instruments, work leading brands and any tool you need to measure the you can buy here.

    Measuring instruments are essential products for construction, alteration, home DIY work, etc. And so Bricolemar presents its range of measuring devices.

    Should you need to buy a large volume of devices ask us a budget measure also we serve as wholesale demand.

  • Organizing Tools

    Organize hand tools, products to put everything in place

    Nothing better to work than to have an element for organizing tools in the home, office, workshop or wherever. This way you will not only have a better presence in the order of tools, but also be comfort and ease when locating the necessary tools for tasks necessary.

    If you are looking for then is organizing tools for the best price, in Bricolemar we offer the opportunity to purchase organizer tools from the ease of your computer and with just a few clicks on our online store dedicated exclusively to the order of hand tools.

    Speaking of exclusivity, in our store dedicated to products of ordering tools we have a unique selection of products and classification. Organizers tools like toolboxes and keys save big brands like Mercatools , pt / new2015 / index.php "target =" _ blank "> Mader and Tefer that guarantee quality and an excellent price.

    So if you are looking to buy organizers of tools at exclusive price, Bricolemar is the place to do it on price to acquire these products submitted for detailed purchase site. That is, if you are looking for organizers of tools wholesale, you can communicate so we can offer our prices Batch us directly.

    You are a few clicks away from ordering tools for the best price and the best delivery service. So go for it!

  • Labor Protection

    Labor protection. Epis security necessary for safe work

    Safety is the main thing when doing physical tasks at work. That's why in Bricolemar dedicated exclusively to labor protection section and everything related to security epis our online hardware store, so you can always work safely and according to the laws.

    In this section we have put our efforts to provide labor protection equipment in an online shop where you can find many quality products such as helmets, gloves, masks, goggles, knee pads, masks and lenses.

    Labor protection equipment available to us in our shop, belonging to the best brands of security epis you can find in the Spanish market. With brands like Climax , Personna , Miarco , CIPISA , FCDB, Bellota and many more, we propose a varied range of products for protection of occupational hazards to suit different needs and budgets with which you can tell.

    If you want to buy labor protection in Bricolemar you've come to the right place, because here you will find products like epis security and any other material of labor protection in general needed to develop the work of the work safely and in compliance with the standards. You're just a few clicks of your new equipment, so go for it!

    The prices you see reflected in our online sales are detailed for buying epis, to know our wholesale prices, please contact us directly to our phones and will offer an adequate budget to your needs.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 1785 items