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High pressure washers

hidrolimpiadora prices Pressure washers or high pressure washers are cleaning machines consisting of a (electric, internal combustion, pneumatic or hydraulic) motor driving a high pressure pump and transmitted through a high pressure hose water until a trigger pistol.

Bricolemar offers this section of the machine shop garden, so you can purchase your pressure washer at the best price and guarantee an excellent delivery service, all from the comfort of your computer, tablet or mobile.

Generally we can find the hidrolimpiadoras in electric versions, but for those which do not count luegares with electrical outlets also have fuel pressure cleaners.

Advantages of water pressure cleaners

buy hidrolimpiadora A hydro pressure washer can be used for various applications:

  • A high pressure, water can be used in industrial cleaning, by removing superficial layers of dirt.
  • One can even use high pressure washers for cutting soft materials without causing dusting or chip.
  • Most pressure washers are connected to a water supply, such as a garden hose, however some models stored in an attached water tank. Usually there is an on / ap aga do that controls water flow and many models allow water pressure adjustment.
  • Use high - pressure cleaners saving large amounts of money in the use of surface - active substances such as soaps, since they can be washed with all the power of water pressure at all.
  • Pressure washers,   in combination with special chemicals, they can help eliminate graffiti and dirty as other types of stains and soils, especially when the water is hot.

These applications for cleaners and many more,   the you can enjoy just by clicking the button "Add to Cart" on any of the products that we offer here at the best price to buy retail and wholesale.