Power tools for tasks of greater accuracy and power.

Tasks that require more precision and power, such as cutting, grinding, jigsaws, sanding, grinding, brushing and more, need the best power tools to achieve better results and final finishes.

That is why in Bricolemar offer a wide selection of power tools ranging from jigsaws, grinders, planers and to electric multiherramientas for DIY tasks and more specific construction.

In our online store power tools we have the assurance and quality of the best products belonging to the best brands. And yet, our power tools are cheap, you are a few clicks to check our great prices.

If you want to buy power tools of the highest quality, please note that our prices are presented to buy retail. So if you are looking to buy wholesale power tools, contact us directly at our phone or email to introduce an adequate budget to your needs.

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  • Grinders Online

    Grinder Buy Online - Best Price at Grinders

    If you've been looking to buy or where to buy radial grinders and came to Bricolemar then you do not have to look any further! We have a variety of models and brands, and as always the best price.

    In this section of grinders you will get the top brands and the first price as well as the latest market in grinders.

    Buy online grinders has never been so easy, and it will facilitate Bricolemar because if you have any questions you can contact us .

  • Screwdrivers And Tips

    Shop online screwdrivers and tips for all tasks tightening

    In our online store screwdrivers and tips you can find a variety of products for their tasks in screwing and unscrewing assembly, DIY and construction.

    If you want to buy screwdrivers and points on Bricolemar will find the best place to buy screwdrivers and sets the best price points-and the best brands !.

    Do not forget that the prices of screwdrivers and tips are presented retail. So if you want to purchase all this diversity of products more, you can contact us directly we will help adequate to meet their needs and job requirements prices.

  • Drills Online

    Drill Buy Online - Best Price in Drills

    The best drills Bricolemar market. In this section you will find different brands and types of drills and unbeatable prices!

    If you were looking to buy drill Online our website is your answer, we work both drills and accessories so if you need bits or crowns in our convenience store will get.

    You have no excuses to buy your drill now, drill you are looking for is waiting for you here in Bricolemar!

  • Rotary Hammer

    Rotary hammer. The most powerful tool for DIY tasks

    The growing need for complicated tasks tinkering with tools that facilitate processes has led to the creation of the hammer drills. These tools are ideal for heavy and complicated work as accurately and strength all at your fingertips.

    The rotary hammer, in all its varieties, is a power tool that must be handled with care and generally used for small - scale drilling and many tasks most demolition. In Bricolemar offer these varieties of electric hammers as the jackhammer, the various brands of the striker hammer and rotary hammer.

    If you want to buy rotary hammer, in all its varieties and for the best price, you've come to the right place. Remember that our prices are marked for hammer drills retail, which is why we invite you to contact us directly through our phone numbers you find on your screen, to discuss the appropriate price for an order from Wholesale electric hammers.

    In Bricolemar the striker hammer, the most powerful tool DIY tasks, you can buy the most simple and satisfactory manner.

  • Miter

    Miter Buy Online - Best Price at Mitre Saws

    If you are looking for an electric machine for cutting wood section we present online miter of Bricolemar.

    This section is in continuous growth in this way to offer people looking to buy online miter saw an assortment of brands and qualities.

    In addition to miter saws work a variety of discs for wood, we invite you to also visit that section.

  • Sierras

    electric saw and sawing all kinds of DIY tasks

    In Bricolemar we offer all the best tools for your DIY tasks or construction. That's why we bring our section of our shop saws. Here you will find all appropriate for the needs and requirements that may have on the development of your tasks chainsaws.

    Our online store offers several varieties of saws electric saws ranging from different circular saws of some of the major brands of power tools, to jigsaws which also belong to our selection of quality manufacturers.

    In addition, we offer here Bricolemar cheaper price than sierras other virtual stores and many more. So buy electric saw here in our online shop saws may be the best decision you can take to acquire your new power tools.


    All our prices chainsaws see them reflected for retail. That's why if you want to buy wholesale power saws, we recommend you contact us directly, in order to agree the price that suits you according to your requirements.

  • Sanders

    Sanders to give professional finish to the working surfaces

    The best finish for your surfaces all can make to buy here in Bricolemar one of our electric sanders. These power tools, that by assembling a paper or emery cloth are capable of performing the sanding process various surfaces such as wood, metal or more, the'll get here at the best price.

    When buying sanders have a good variety of models such as the orbital sander, hand sander, the multilijadora and more. Each sander has very specific features that help you stand out from the rest, for finishing and sanding capacity that can give the surfaces of different materials.

    The process of buying sander new electric in Bricolemar is very simple, you've come to this section, so you find a few clicks to make your new sander, just select that electric sander that best suits your needs and work requirements , add it to your shopping cart and make your online payment process. So in a few days you will have your sander on your doorstep.

    Remember that prices sanders are presented retail, so if you want to make a purchase for a higher amount of these power tools, you can contact us directly to our phones to introduce our prices for purchases higher. Welcome to the best place to buy electric sanders!

  • Grinders

    Grinding machines. Multipurpose power tools.

    The grinders are multipurpose tools made from known as emery material. Emery is a mineral that stands out for its high hardness and is used to make abrasive powders in order to fulfill functions as cutting, grinding, polishing, grinding and cleaning.

    If you are looking for the best power tool grinding, the grinding can be your solution and here at Bricolemar this tool we offer the best brands, quality and unbeatable prices !. If you are looking for cheap grinders, Bricolemar is the best place.

    We have the bench grinder with double grinders and grinding brush our stock grinders. All prices for these tools are marked retail, so if you want to buy the older grinders, please offer unbeatable prices communicate directly with us.

    What are you waiting for? This is your best opportunity to buy grinding machine of your choice online. For as in Bricolemar, you will not find better deals online by grinding or any other power tool.

  • Planers

    Planers, the tools to flatten surfaces

    Electric planers are the ideal tools to make surfaces of materials such as wood, flat and with a beautiful finish. In Bricolemar planers we aim to offer best quality for the best price.

    If you want to buy wood planer goes on in our online store planers and looking between our products, power tools that is most suited to your requirements and needs flattening surfaces and your budget.

    Do not miss your planer, so go ahead planers in our online store to find the right product for you!

    Prices for our wood planers are retail, so if you want to buy these planers to more, contact us at our phone or email so we can help you with your request and can offer our wholesale prices.

  • Heatguns

    Heatguns ideal tools to remove the unwanted

    The decape can be a complicated task that requires a lot of work or if you do not have the right tools. The strippers guns, also known as decapadoras guns are the right tools that we offer you in Bricolemar to meet the arduous task of stripping without running the risk of damaging surfaces or other materials.

    Bricolemar decapadores brings you the best quality for when buying decapadores can ensure you acquiring a suitable tool for your task decape and which is able to protect their materials. With a heat gun to the thermal type it is possible not only to remove paint, but also stripping ice, bending plastic tubes and sheet metal welding, among other things.

    In our online shop decapadores find these suitable for these highly complex tasks, which also require the care of the materials that are being used tools, each stripper has reflected to buy retail price. If you want to buy wholesale, you can contact us directly to our phones for that surprise you with our offers.

  • Milling

    Milling machines for metal removal and perniado better value

    Milling machine tools are used to perform procedures using metal removal machining, thanks to the movement of a strawberry, which is the rotary tool that connects to the main tool. The milling machine is very useful in various occasions where you want to shape the material with some precision. In our online milling machines we offer the best of these tools with a variety of strawberries to use, according to the requirements may have.

    If you wish to buy milling machines you have come to the best place where conseguiréis this tool marks of excellent quality and the best price you'll find in the market. Besides that, you will also find variety of strawberries that can help you in your milling tasks.

    The milling with strawberries you wanted, you will find them here and if you seek a suitable mill price, remember that here we have the best value for these power tools for retail sales. But nevertheless, if you wish to buy milling machines wholesale and also for an excellent price, do not hesitate to call us that we will help you prepare the best budget to buy mills to wholesale and excellent prices.

  • Multiherramientas

    Multitool. The ideal tool for various tasks: cutting, grinding, sanding and more at your fingertips.

    DIY jobs typically cover multiple tasks such as cutting, polishing, carving, milling and more and is not always easy to have many tools at hand. For that you have created us in Bricolemar multiherramientas and we bring them to our online store multitool to have at hand these multifunction tools for its size, also allow these tasks to one hand.

    In our online multitool, we offer not only the dremel multitool but also many accessories to fit into these multifunction tools and fulfill all tasks you may need to do with one tool. A wide variety of guaranteed thanks to the multi - tool applications.

    If you wish to buy online multiherramientas in Bricolemar find them at the best price with our retail, very competitive prices with the rest of the market. But if what you seek is to buy multiherramientas wholesale, then you can communicate with us directly to our phones and ask for our wholesale prices, which along with our service quality and delivery times, you will be surprised pleasantly.

  • Staplers And Nailers

    Stapler nailer nail her with prices

    Many skilled jobs require versatile stapler. This power tool allows the work of mechanical stapling attachment easily without using both hands. In our shop stapler nailer we offer the best electric staplers and nailers market prices impact the nail.

    Nailers staplers are much - needed tools to facilitate any work of stapled at home or at work, and here in Bricolemar we offer each electric stapler with the seal and guarantee of quality brands in the market.

    So if you need to buy electric stapler nailer you should not keep looking for more, here in Bricolemar we offer the best prices for these staplers retail. If you want to know more about prices nailer stapler wholesale, just take your phone and contact us directly or email us and we will present our prices impact.

  • Compressors And Pneumatic Tools

    Pneumatic low prices for Pressure Tools tasks.

    Welcome to our shop and pneumatic compressors for sale where you will find the right people to perform tasks that require an extra boost because not enough human power tools tools.

    This is a sub-category section Power Tools where you will find a wide range of air operated press tools including portable and light machines, more power, as well as tools that do not require oil for care and pneumatic guns .

    Before buying an air compressor or pneumatic tools you should know that:

    There are many features that differentiate air compressors each other, here we 'll show some important to consider.

    • The power of these tools air: the power is the ability to work with that has the compressor, this capability is given in units such as CV (horses steam), HP (horse power or horsepower) and even KW (kilowatts ). Low power in HP, HP or KW are suitable for simple household tasks, or building industrial tasks require high power values.
    • The work flow is the ability of these tools to compress the air per unit time. It is expressed in PCM or CPM (cubic feet per minute), liters / min or cubic / minute meters. This is associated with the amount and timing of work to be done.
    • Air pressure: the maximum pressure at which the compressor can work, it is also useful to know this measure for use with tools that require higher air pressure to perform more demanding tasks pressure. This is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch) or bars.
    • The storage capacity of the boiler is the amount of air that can be stored in the tank or tank having the tool, suitable know if large amounts of air needed for a demanding task, a greater capacity in liters is required .

    With this data you can buy air compressors you need:

    This is the information you need to acquire or pneumatic compressors require to perform tasks as simple as inflating tires, paint, clean with pressurized water or tasks that require greater force as hammering or drilling parts to be properly installed.

    Remember that you can buy these and more air - actuated tools at the best prices in this section, to help reinforce your DIY jobs at home or workshop, or if you require a lot of these teams to market or use in large projects you can contact us directly we'll offer wholesale prices.

  • Riveting Battery

    Riveting Battery

    Riveting lightweight, easy to use and maintain. Riveting battery portability combined with higher technical performance, adapting to the needs of the most demanding applications.

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