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Bricolemar we bring in the Kitchen Campingaz so you can prepare a delicious meal in the countryside, the beach or even in your backyard. Portable Campingaz kitchens are quality assurance and safety.

campingas portable kitchen

You get gas plates, portable camping stoves and cookers two fires Campingaz. All these outdoor kitchens gas used to operate, so it is important to buy a prestigious to avoid any inconvenience.

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The operation of these ranges is by gas, some work by cartridges, which makes them less heavy because they are smaller than running Bombona, which are heavier, but are ready to prepare a meal in the form as they are more potent, some even allow cooking and grilling simultaneously.

Being Bricolemar dealers, we can guarantee very competitive prices as well as retail or wholesale.

Do not hesitate and enjoy a delicious meal in the field with gas stoves Campingaz.