Scissors for everyone: nail, blunt, electrician and more

In Bricolemar we present our online store scissors where you will find a universe of scissors for different needs and uses, among which may be mentioned: nail, with blunt, manicure, sewing and electricians.

To preserve the prestige that characterizes us, we offer the ideal place to buy scissors at the best price with quality brands like Roher , Bahco and Palmera, only they can offer thanks to its manufacturing materials and excellent manufacturing processes.

Each of our categories offer prices detailed scissors to buy these tools, only a little clicks are enough to guarantee you your scissors at your door and it's all from the comfort of your computer !. So if you want to buy wholesale scissors, you just have to call our phone directly and will offer an adequate budget to your needs.

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  • Nail Scissors

    Nail scissors to maintain hygiene quality

    In Bricolemar we strive to help you fix your home and personal hygiene. That's why we offer our online store nail scissors with an exclusive selection of these tools for hand hygiene high quality and as always, the best price.

    Among the nail scissors we have a selection of products from brands such as scissors Tools Palmera or the nail clipper plier Tools Roher , which are products with a guarantee of excellent workmanship and materials suitable for the task of serving as nail clippers.

    So if you are looking to buy at the best price nail scissors, look no further because here we offer Bricolemar nail scissors at great cost to buy these detailed tools. And if you're looking to buy wholesale, then you just have to call us to our phones to offer you a big budget you can not refuse.

  • Sewing Scissors

    Sewing scissors to cut fabric and design as professionals

    Nothing better than to have the tools ideal for knitting and sewing tasks as professionals. That's why choosing the right sewing scissors in the Bricolemar you can offer, not only at the lowest price but the best delivery service.

    Our online store sewing scissors is the ideal place if you are looking for a great quality in these manual cutting tools at a great price. And in Bricolemar we have large an exclusive selection of sewing scissors brands like Palm and tools Tools brand Roher .

    Ideal sewing scissors you want to start your sewing projects and the design can get here with just a few clicks, from the comfort of your computer. These sewing scissors unbeatable price are presented in our store for detailed sale.

    So if you want to buy sewing scissors in wholesale quantities, you must contact us directly to our phones so we can discuss a suitable budget that suits your purchase requirements and quantity of scissors to buy.

  • Blunt Scissors

    Blunt scissors, cut quality safely

    Security is essential when using scissors, not only for children or inexpert hands, but also for all users of scissors and the best tools for this are blunt scissors. But the fact that these tools are scissors with blunt not mean they can not have cut quality than their peers without blunt.

    That's why in Bricolemar offer an exclusive selection of blunt scissors with quality brand tools Roher that materials and manufacturing processes are distinguished from other brands, so it offers the benefits of security when use and quality of any other conventional cutting scissors.

    These scissors are the tools conventionally used as school scissors for its great security, work as perfect as tijer children. So if you want to buy blunt scissors in our online store is you can get the best price, and thus ensure safe for children and also for tools for the start of the school season scissors.

    In our online shop you will find amazing price blunt scissors, but you must keep in mind that these prices are reflected to buy our products retail. But do not worry, because if you're looking to buy scissors blunt the largest so you can do here, but you just have to call us and thus will offer an adequate budget to your requirements quantity of scissors.

  • Scissors Sheet

    Scissors for cutting sheet metal sheets with the best accuracy

    Scissors sheet, also known as a tin snips are indispensable tools if you want to cut metal sheets, so it is a necessary tool in workshops and other places where metals and plates requiring precision cutting and quality work.

    It is Bricolemar is that we offer our online store to buy scissors sheet at the best price and quality that goes beyond the product but also the service and product delivery. Thus scissors cut veneer offer prestigious brands like Palm and Tools Tools Altuna Brothers that not only provide quality materials and processing national brands but are of the highest quality.

    The price scissors sheet you'll find in our online shop is presented for the purchase of these detailed tools, so if you want to buy scissors sheet to more, only must contact us directly to our phones so we can assist you and offer our great prices for large shipments.

    The best shears only here in Bricolemar!

  • Electrician Scissors

    Electrician scissors, ideal tools for electrician

    Every professional electrician needs to hand ideal tools to perform their tasks as all professionals who are, but also be an electrician or not, everyone should have in your home tools to perform simple maintenance and repair. That's why in Bricolemar electrician scissors that we present are of better quality and for all needs.

    In our online shop electrician scissors you find an exclusive selection of suitable for every need electrician scissors and such prestigious brands as tools Bahco offering a unique quality products for their manufacturing processes and materials manufacturing.

    So if you want to buy scissors electrician do not hesitate more to follow in our online store, you're only a few clicks away to have your new scissors electrician.

    Prices of scissors electrician here we offer for sale are detailed scissors, so if you want to buy more, you must communicate with us at our direct phone and there will attend to offer the best suited to your needs budget.

    The electrician scissors ideal for professional and home!

  • Manicure Scissors

    Manicure scissors to cut the slightest defect in nails and hands

    Keeping hands clean and well kept from the skin to the nails should not necessarily fall in professional hands if it has proper manicure scissors. That's why in Bricolemar we have an exclusive selection of manicure scissors ideal for experts and not experts.

    The different tools that we have in Bricolemar allow you to take care of your hands with the quality offered by brands like Palm and Tools cortacallos of Roher for their manufacturing materials and manufacturing processes.

    So if you want to buy scissors manicure your best option it is and will always Bricolemar thanks to our prices and an excellent delivery service that will facilitate the purchase from your computer.

    Prices presented in each manicure scissors are prices to buy these tools detailed personal hygiene, so if you're looking to buy these tools the most, We can offer you an excellent budget your needs just contact us by phone.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 32 items