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Stainless Steel / Wooden Ham Holders

These stainless steel or wooden holders are used to work on hams to translate them, whether horizontally or vertically. Therefore, they permit cutting slices, chopping and parting portions of ham easily.

If you are searching after the ideal Ham Holder to satisfy your needs and expectations, in this sub-category of Kitchen Furnishings in Bricolemar you will find a wide variety of products, designed to help you amaze everyone with your skillful cuts. Besides, you will acquire an ornamental piece, capable of making a charming and traditional-styled place out of any kitchen, bar or tavern!

What must we know at the moment of buying a ham holder?

For purchasing the ideal ham holder you should take into account its manufacturing characteristics, from the material it is made of to the possibilities it offers to hold the ham properly. By doing so, you will assure the right and safe use of beautiful piece.

  • The size: Ham Holders come in different sizes to match different dimensions of hams, ranging from 300mm to 500mm. they allow to dispose a variety of ham samples, either for minor reunions or for grand events or commercial sites.
  • The manufacturing: these ham holders are made of wood or stainless steel, which means unique features and guarantees the durability of the piece and its strength outdoors, beyond its ornamental value. In fact, while a stainless steel ham holder is the best choice in the open, a wooden one is totally safe to avoid the chemical contamination of the ham and lets it remain placed in the holder for a longer time
  • Position of the holder: there are holders that permit placing the ham horizontally, whereas in others it must be done vertically. Your choice of one or the other will depend on how much room you have available or which is the most convenient in your case, according to your preferences when cutting. For those who enjoy the art of ham cutting, there are also ham holders which are placed horizontally or vertically pending from a fixed metallic ring. This are called gyratory ham holders.

Safety tips when using ham holders (gyratory or steady)

In order to buy the right ham holder, either gyratory or steady, you could follow these advices (and keep them in mind every time you engage in a cutting session):

  • Check the setting of the ham: make sure the ham not slip off. In case of an amateur, deal with a ham holder that permits fixing the ham in many points; and make sure it is outstandingly stable. Both precautions will reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Use the appropriate tools: for making perfect cuts, you should use only adequate knives, which are especially designed for this activity; and keep them always sharp. Bricolemar offers you a selection of ham cutting knives in our Cutlery Shop.
  • Speed and strength: having a well-fixed ham and proper sharp knives is not enough, if you lack the correct technique for a slow calmed cut, with a moderate level of effort.
  • A ham holder that eases a safe cutting: the design of your ham holder, either fixed or gyratory, must guarantee safety to the cutter, which means the possibility of standing at a prudential distance and locating hands opposite to the cutting direction.

In Bricolemar you can get from the simplest ham holder to professional models. Besides, we recently incorporated tables for cutting ham. Therefore, in this section, you will be able to get everything you need… and more! Our retail prices for Ham Holders are really very competitive. Imagine the whole sale prices we shall offer to you when purchasing several Ham Holders!