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Electronic safes, recessed and superimpose

In many homes, hotels, companies, associations, etc. you need to have a safe or safety box suitable for storing precious objects and valuable documents. There are many needs and there are many options here find to solve them.

Here Hayara a variety of sizes and security levels, with different opening systems and placement in addition we offer the best brands at the best prices.

  • Safe to superimpose, or desktop, it is the easiest way to have a safe in your own home. It is anchored to the wall and to the floor by bolts.
  • The built -in safe hinders access to inside to be protected from all sides, except the door, the wall where it is housed. Work required for installation.

In either cases, are available with opening by key or mechanical key or electronic combination, there is also an electronic safe with emergency key to open the box even with dead batteries, or fireproof safe for protection, fire protection, paper documents or magnetic or optical media and other valuables.

When buying safes must meet the "limiting factors" if any, for placement and the principal of these it is the resistance of the floor where it will be located safe. Sometimes the maximum permissible load of these limits and even precludes the use of certain safes with a lot of weight.

Although there is no regulation governing the "professional use" safe, wide range of models you will find in this section will surely meet your specific needs in many cases.