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Aluminum folding stairs

In this section you can get both aluminum ladders and other types of stairs, sure here you will find the perfect ladder for you! Since we have a great online range for different types of use either for both home and for professionals.

The advantage of folding aluminum ladders is that when storing little space thanks to its ability to spread, and offer the perfect combination of stability and weight.

What to know when buying aluminum ladders?

  • The number of steps of the same, since the higher number of steps can achieve greater height.
  • It is important to know the maximum weight to prevent warping and possible accidents at the time of use.
  • Type of use: Different types of stairs from home that are perfect for a home and easy to use to save, such as folding stairs, to the industrial ladders that are used in building and construction and thanks to its greater number of sections us allow to reach great heights.
  • Check the ladder possesses anti slip studs for greater stability.
  • Check the rules of the same IN-131, because when the size of the steps and the distance between them meets the safety standards are met.

How to use the stairs aluminum folding correctly?

  • fully deploy when using it and check that the security elements are tight.
  • Seat it on solid ground without steep slopes, to avoid slippage or breakage due to misuse.
  • Use proper footwear and check not exceed the weight limits supported by the ladder.

If you are looking for aluminum ladders affordable prices we are the number one market, as we work directly with leading manufacturers in Europe, and we can serve both retail and large wholesale quantities.