Measuring Instruments

In this section we bring you a wide variety of measuring instruments, work leading brands and any tool you need to measure the you can buy here.

Measuring instruments are essential products for construction, alteration, home DIY work, etc. And so Bricolemar presents its range of measuring devices.

Should you need to buy a large volume of devices ask us a budget measure also we serve as wholesale demand.

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  • Measuring Tapes And Tape Measure

    Metric measuring tapes and tapes at the best price

    Here you will find different types of tape measure so as flexometers. We work from the range for DIY home work as well as for professional work.

    Among the different types of measuring tapes we offer find magnetic (they have at the tip of the tape a magnet to attach to metal), the measuring tape with rubber coating ABS to avoid impactor or damage to fall, those having a stop mechanism not to retract alone, etc.

    If you were looking to purchase or buy tape measuring tape here have a variety, we work with the best products, from FLEXOMETRO FatMax stanley road to the flexometers Vola they have the best value in the market.

    If you need to buy wholesale tape measures can contact us to prepare a budget, our prices will surprise you.

  • Bubble Levels

    Buy Bubble Levels - Best Price Levels

    To measure correctly if an element is perfectly horizontal or vertical there is nothing like bubble levels, and in this section we bring you a variety.

    Among the different levels that work you will find various brands such as Stanley or Vola , and we also have from typical torpedoes to levels of magnetic bubble.

    There are no excuses for not having that picture or work perfectly aligned, in Bricolemar bubble level you can buy at the best price. And if you buy a lot you can ask for a budget.

  • Squads Squads Carpenter And False

    Buy squads carpenter and false squares at the best price

    In this section we present a wide range of brackets for carpentry. Carpenter brackets are indispensable for workers, very simple but at the same time very effective element.

    For cases where a different angle to 90 degrees have the false squares, which allow us by adjusting a screw set different angles needed.

    If you were looking to buy a carpenter or buy a fake Bricolemar squad it is the best place, and if you need to buy wholesale can ask another quantity pricing.

  • Precision Gages

    Buy Calibre Precision, best price in Gages

    Also known as King Vernier or foot, precision gauges are instruments that allow us to make measurements very accurately.

    In this section you can get Bricolemar for measuring various calibres and as always the best price.

    You have to follow no longer looking to buy a gauge of precision, we are your best choice!

  • Other Measurement Tools

    Accessories and Other Measuring Tools

    In this section you will get accessories and various measurement tools to measure items.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 66 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 66 items