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Security locks

Locks are mechanisms of economic security, effective and easy to install. Normally they used as if they were a laptop lock, if we have a door that does not allow install a lock can put a chain on the door and lock it with the lock. In addition to being used in doors we can place them in toolboxes, gates, backpacks, etc. The important thing is where we will place must be room to introduce the arc lock and then lock it.

The locks can be of different types and qualities, depending on the area or that we will protect can select from different options. A normal lock operates with a key serreta which to turn it allows the opening of the same, however a security lock operates with a key point to hinder the opening, besides that your body is usually constructed of steel somewhat tempered as cementation and his bow is protected against shear.

The decision on the type of lock to buy will depend on various factors such as the following:

  • Required level of safety: If we want a lock for our box of homemade tools can opt for a simple padlock, as the price of the lock will be lower and will fulfill its role, however if we are to close the gate of a company should think about buying security locks.
  • Exposure: A padlock exposed outdoors must have anti-oxidant properties to prevent rapid deterioration thereof, and if it will be used in coastal areas must have properties that protect it from the effects of salt on it. It is also worth mentioning that a lock this to everyone must be reinforced so that not just anyone can break.
  • Frame size and diameter: We must ensure that the arc can pass through the area to be protected, so it is important to know the diameter thereof as well as its length (there padlocks normal bow and longbow)

If you were looking to buy online padlocks here will surely find the one that best suits your need, we combination, long and short arc, for motorcycles and bicycles, high security locks, etc. And when we talk about brands we have the best, ABUS, AMIG, FAC, etc.

The prices quoted on our website are retail prices, if you need to buy padlocks wholesale contact us to prepare a budget.