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Rubber plungers

It is likely that more than one occasion we have clogged drain of some health of our homes. Jams, in principle, are relatively easy to solve and we count on different options to achieve the water running freely down the drain. Sometimes a single product will suffice us, but sometimes we must combine if the seals resist.

First of all, if the jammed health has individual siphon we unscrewed to verify that no solid particles inside that are closing paso. The siphon function, and prevent odors that can reach from the mains, is used for collecting solid elements that can not be washed away. So take it apart and clean it and, perhaps, with this simple operation will have fixed the jam. If the shutter persists then we'll take the hand of one of the plungers offered by the market.

Types of plungers

  • Rubber plunger. This is the plunger par excellence: the traditional windy, sopapa or pacifiers, among other names. We plug the overflow of health while we put the pacifier on the drain opening, will pressure several times with the suction cup to create different suctions until moving the waste they produce binding and are washed down the drain.
  • Mechanical plunger. They are treated metallic springs several meters to enter the pipe and follow it and, as they are very flexible, should be able to reach the cap to dissolve and remove it. This type of plunger will use it with caution when dealing with old plumbing or in poor condition to not produce tears.
  • Chemical plunger. Perhaps the most comfortable and most effective plunger when the jam resists other methods, but also has toxic and corrosive limitations that must be taken into account. To do this we follow always the manufacturer's instructions. They are able to dissolve any organic material such as grease, hair, etc., and although many products do not directly attack the pipes have to be very careful with metal pipes as it could corrode.

We have to choose from and, as we mentioned above, you may occasionally need to use more than one method to unclog drains completely.