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Heating Split wall

split wall heater Split a heater is basically the kind of heat that is intended to be installed on a wall. The air is heated therein and exits through a fan projected outside so usually a fast method to create a warm in a few minutes.

What advantages does a split wall heater?

buy heating split The main reason for placing a wall heater Split is mainly derived from the problems of space in our homes. Have a gas stove through, or heater desktop can be a hindrance if every now and then have to walk recolocándolos when we have tight places. But that does not take up floor space is not the only advantage. If we have children or pets is increased interest because, being hung at a reasonable height, dificultamos that children can reach it and thus avoid them getting hurt or manipulate the heating controls.

Even older people will be more protected because most operations will make to light, ap aga ro select the heater power will be remotely Split through our remote control.

On the other hand, if we have to buy a heater Split bath, plus we are preventing it from falling water inside the apparatus protecting any danger with electric current. The bathroom heaters Split find Bricolemar IPX2 are subject to the standard, ie, they are protected poured water when tilted up to 15 degrees from its normal position.

Wall heaters have a thermostat and programmer offers the pos ibili ity to regulate the desired temperature and choose when we want to be active, or when we want to disconnect.

Bricolemar you can find in Split wall heaters for both normal and special rooms for bathrooms, reliable brands at the best prices.