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Urban garden and home kits

buy urban garden at home A paso beyond simple gardening is put to work to create your own urban garden home. How not to use the space on the terrace, patio or garden to start growing your own vegetables? Ecological begins to take boom and the desire to reconnect with those authentic flavors are more than enough to enter this world that can give you so much satisfaction reasons.

We may find vertical, hanging urban gardens or at ground level, more or less large and more or less varied, but besides being a decorative element or simple hobby, you can enjoy delicious vegetables, herbs and other plant safely and economic. It is also a great way to bring children into the world of nature, raising awareness and having fun.

What elements need to create our own urban garden at home?

urban garden home prices Let's start to understand that no matter much that no previous experience or space becomes available is very limited, a little to say we "reap the fruits" of a rewarding work. So there are few things you will need:

  1. Containers where we will make our crops. They are in different sizes, compositions, heights ...
  2. The substrate or soil where we will make our crops and where the roots will develop absorbing the nutrients found in it.
  3. Seeds or plants with pos ibili Dades undreamed of vegetables, some practically grow themselves and others that will have to give special care.
  4. Water and sun in their just and necessary proportions.

In Bricolemar you will find the necessary elements to create your own urban garden at home. Either separately or in kits complete home urban gardens that once you have everything you need to undertake these farming.