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Buying Paella Pans Online

If you need buying a paella pan to prepare the most tasteful paellas for you or for sharing with relatives, colleagues and friends, you have arrived to the ideal Section. In here, you will be able to choose, among different sizes, styles and qualities, the perfect paella pan for you.

This is a Section of Bricolemar’s Kitchen Furnishings, where you will find anything you may need for equipping your kitchen, or completing all the traditional goods required by our particular Culinary Culture.

Which paella pan should you buy?

We keep a wide variety of paella pans in our stock. Some are made of polished stainless steel and some of cast iron, with vitroceramic coat. Therefore:

  • If you are searching for low-cost paella pans: Make up your mind before a polished stainless steel paella pan, which are cheaper than the iron cast ones.
  • If you are to prepare paella for a large number of persons: We have many sizes of paella pans, being size defined by their diameters: the bigger the pan, the more quantity of paella they hold.
  • If you care about adherence: Some people can’t stand food to stick to the pans. If you are one of them, we offer the best vitroceramic paella pans, which are perfect to prevent food from getting stuck.
  • If you need a pan to match your stove: Diverse types of stoves require different types of pans. If yours is an induction stove, or a vitroceramic or an electrical one; or if you prefer to use the oven; we offer a selection of pans to fit all needs and likes.

Now, you may enter any Sub-Category for purchasing the paella pan you wish, maybe one of stainless steel, or one to be used on an induction stove, or an enameled one… You will be able to prepare several typical dishes of the Spanish Culinary Culture, such as Soupy Rice, and Fideuá, as well as an exquisite Valencian Paella, of course! Good apetite!