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Furniture legs and wheels

In this section you will find a selection of furniture legs in different finishes and heights. With them you can make assembling tables or raising kitchen cabinets or other. But if what you need is mobility, do not miss the selection of fixed and swivel wheels for chairs, side tables, appliances, etc. On the other hand you will find slippers and protectors that will comfortably move your furniture in case of need.

In the more complex case of selecting a wheel, depending where you will use, here you will always find the most appropriate wheel, with strength, durability and excellent safety.

What should I keep in mind when choosing wheels for furniture or appliances?

The first is to check the type of installation that uses the wheel. We find several cases:

  • Wheel plate: They use a base for attachment to the furniture with four screws. In turn, the bases may be rotating or fixed.
  • Wheels through: They are wheels that are attached to furniture with a single screw through the through hole.
  • Pin wheel is a type of wheel to fit the spigot directly into a hole in the cabinet. Sometimes the pin is threaded to be screwed in such cases should check the size of the thread.

These three basic forms of assembly should be added the function 'with' or 'no' brake.

Another key element to consider is the weight of the load on the wheel is not the same as a desk chair, a table, a car or a shelf that we want to give it mobility. Check the weight supported by each wheel to calculate how many should place. It also helps to decant for one or another type of wheel the diameter thereof and the material it is made.